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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Back to School

It's that wonderful time of year, again - at least if you live in the USA. Time to hit the stores and buy all the new supplies and new clothes for school. I have a few small tips for you to make back to school a bit easier for your child. No, they are not the "normal" tips that every magazine in the country is running this month. My tips are special.

1) If at all possible, spring for the good stuff. Yes, I know it is less expensive to get the plain binders and notebooks. However, for a few dollars more you can let your child pick something special that will make her appreciate the drudgery of school a bit more. If you can't splurge for all the extras, pick just one or two items to splurge on. Get the really cool pencils or binders. I always hated that I was never allowed to have the cute folders and notebooks. Such a tiny thing can make a difference. Knowing that you feel they are worth the extra expense really makes a child feel special.

2) Don't make a whole day of shopping. While it may seem like fun at first, the frustration will make everybody cranky and moody. The crowds won't help, either. So try to break your shopping into pieces. Go clothes shopping at one or two stores that are close by and then be done for the day. The next day, go get the supplies wherever it is you shop for these things. Try to shop very early or in the mid-day when others are leaving for the day. Avoiding the crowds will save a lot of hassle and frustration. If you plan carefully, you can manage to stretch your shopping out over two weeks and you'll appreciate the calm of it all if you do.

3) Talk to your kids about their thoughts and expectations for the coming year. Talk about whatever issues you feel need to be discussed - drugs, smoking, sex, etc. This is a good time to approach tough subjects, though I do recommend discussing all these topis early and often in your child's life.


Annabelle said...

Yes..! It’s a perfect time to hit the stores and buy all the new school supplies and new clothes for kids.