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Monday, July 21, 2008

How Cool!

I found this website that provides a thorough explanation of a study technique that I have never heard of.

The Lietner System is a system of using flashcards to learn with a set method of rotation.

In honor of the pending start of school, I thought I would share this so you can teach this method to your child. It can be very helpful with spelling, vocabulary and languages.

The basic principle is this:

A container called a cardbox or a cardfile is set up to hold the flashcards. It is divided into multiple individual compartments. FlashcardDB calls the groups of flashcards in each compartment decks.

All flashcards start in deck 1.

When the material on a flashcard is recalled correctly it is moved forward by one deck. (See the green arrows in the diagram above). If the flashcard was already in the last deck then it remains there.

When the material on a flashcard is not recalled it is returned to deck 1: regardless of what deck the flashcard came from. (See the merged red arrow(s) in the diagram).

Each subsequent deck has a longer period of time before the flashcards it contains must be repeated.

FlashcardDB’s default settings are:

DeckNumber --- Time until next repetition

One --- None
Two --- 1 day
Three --- 3 days
Four --- 1 week
Five --- 1 month