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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Attack of the Gimme's

Oh my gosh. My child has been infected with the most horrid disease - "The Gimme's."

I have no idea what has happened, but my dear Kira has suddenly become the Queen of Gimme. We went to the store today and everything she saw was everything she wanted. I was followed around by a chorus of "Can I have this, Mom?" and "I want that, Mom."

Faced with this newest dilemma, I found myself telling her no over and over again. I did, however, make a game of the whole situation so that she wasn't too terribly disappointed. I believe that it is important for children to learn that they will not get every single thing they want.

At some point, it becomes necessary for children to start receiving their own money and buying their own things. Allowance - not tied to chores - is a good way to teach children the value of money and working hard for what you want.

I suppose we will be starting an allowance system for Miss Kira pretty soon.

**SIGH** She's growing up all too fast.


Petula said...

Yes, two of mine have that disease as well. I haven't thought about an allowance for them - I don't usually start that 'til late elementary school. Well, that's what I did with the teenager so maybe I'll see how it goes with these three.

"Lisa" said...

I never had an allowance as a child. I think it would have helped me improve my money habits. As soon as I got my first job I was Spend Spend Spend! The drug of money might have been easier to resist if I had it in small doses as a child.