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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Crayola Color Wonders

Crayola has a wonderful set of products that only work on special paper. Color Wonders has been available for a couple of years now, I believe. The general idea is that your little artist can paint or color without making a huge mess on her clothes and your walls.

Color Wonders products are specifically made to work only on the Color Wonders paper. The chemical reaction between the marker and the paper creates the desired color. However, if the marker is used somewhere other than the special paper - say, on a wall or two (Marisa, aka: Picasso) - then the marker leaves no markings. It is a life saver for the parent who has a child that loves to express her artistic self on every available object OTHER than paper. Color Wonders also has a line of finger paints, squeezable paint brushes, and a wide variety of coloring books, as well as blank paper.

I noticed this week that a couple of other companies have finally figured out how this technology works. Elmer has their own product now for coloring without making a mess. The product works only on the special Elmer paper. There's another company on the bandwagon, but I can't remember what it is.

Now, of course this leaves me to wonder if the Elmer markers will work on the Crayola paper. I may actually have to buy them just to find out. It's good to see other companies making their way into this domain now. Competition is healthy for prices. Lower prices are healthy for my well strained budget.

No matter which product you prefer, the mess free art is always ideal. With so many different options in the world of Crayola (and now the others), I'm sure you'll find something your little sweetheart will love. As for me, I believe Kira will be getting a set of mess free paint brushes for her birthday along with a few other select mess free products. She loves to do art, but I hate dealing with the inevitable mess. Maybe some Color Wonder products will make us both happy.