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Friday, August 29, 2008

Know Your Resources

Occasionally your child will ask you for something that you just can't put your fingers on. Knowing where to go can make you appear to be so clever.

My current challenge came in the form of a request for a video about different types of fires. Such a video does not exist. There are videos about fire fighters, fire safety, and fire engines. There are videos about certain types of wild fires.

There are NOT videos about all the different types of fires.

In my infinite wisdom, I decided that the logical thing to do would be to visit the fire department. Perhaps they could provide me with a bit of information, or even loan me a training video, that would assist in providing Kira with this much needed information on fires.

My husband told me I was crazy. My husband told me that the fire fighters would also think I was crazy. My husband was WRONG!

Not only do the fire fighters think I'm NOT crazy, they do - in fact - have a system in place to deal with people just like me.

The fire fighter in charge gave me a phone number to contact the Captain. He told me she would know what to do.

So today, I called the Captain of our fire department. She is getting a set of literature together for me and Kira. In this pack of information, there will also be a 16 minute video made just for kids that will tell her all about fires.

We do have to wait until Monday to get this wonderful information. However, in the mean time, we made a trip to the library in order to fulfill the immediate hunger for fire information. I had the great joy of reading book after book after book about fires and wild fires.

So when you're trying to find something that seems impossible to locate - think outside the box. You may just find what you're looking for in an unexpected place.


April said...

Very Smart
Nice work in not letting your hubby stop you from trying :D. There is never any harm in asking about something you never know what good things you'll find :D

Liss said...

What a great thinking and you know it was probably exciting for Kira to receive this information from the fire department too.

The Mind of a Mom said...

What we need to know if are the firefighters at the station hot? And I don't mean because they just got back from putting out a fire. I only ask because I need to know if it is worth a trip to the fire hall.. :o)

In all seriousness what a great idea to help her understand.

Way-to-go mom!