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Monday, August 18, 2008

Paint and Brushes

A stack of paper.

A set of tempera paints.

A few brushes.

A cup of water.

No more whining. No more crying. It's magic. Who knew?

Lay a sheet or blanket on the floor. Put down plastic trays for them to work on. Set each child up with her own paint palette, water, brushes, and paper. Sit back and enjoy the quiet.

My day just got so much better!!! Messier - but better.


Petula said...

My three will not work quietly. Two ask questions and discuss their work, one whines when restrained from messing up the others' work... it's neverending. So far, I've only gotten quiet during sleep or a movie when they're tired. Maybe they should come to your house and I stay here! Yes, I like that idea. :D

Mom said...

Ahem! On a better day, I might - perhaps - agree to such an arrangement. Today, however, the answer is a very loud and very emphatic NO! I have enough whining already.

It doesn't mean that I love you less. Really!