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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Unforseen Casualties

Sometimes, a parent just has to do what they have to do. Sometimes, you can never foresee the casualties of war (ahem - parenting) that might come along with the difficulties of said war.

For me, my first real casualty has been Kira's hair. While we were in the hospital, her hair became tangled and matted from the way she was laying and the fact that I simply overlooked the concept of combing her hair while I was so busy trying to keep her from being in too much pain. I just didn't think about getting a comb. I figured it would be okay to wait until we got home. After all, there have been several occasions when I didn't actually brush or comb her hair for 3 or 4 days at a time simply because - well - I just didn't think about it.

Of course, what I failed to take into consideration in my particular state of mind was the fallout. Yes, the actual fallout of her hair. Apparently the medication causes a person's hair to shed a bit. This shedding, combined with laying down flat on her back for several days and being sweaty and such translated into a matted mess the size of Texas. Okay - the mess was really only about the size of a good book, but get the point.

Grandma Janet and I spent a few hours a day for three days trying to work out the tangled mass of hair. We did not succeed.

I took Kira to the beauty shop in hopes of saving the hair. I've invested a great deal of time and energy in that beautiful long blond hair and did not want to lose it to this particular war. It would have been better if I could lose it to something like - say - a willful mind that decided she no longer WANTED long hair. THAT would have been okay. But to find myself in a position that left me with no was so sad. The ladies at the shop were more than willing to attempt to save her hair with the help of a special oil product for just this very purpose. Kira, however, vetoed this plan within minutes because it was less than comfortable. So, alas, Kira received her very first professional hair cut. The long hair is now gone - at least for a while - and replaced by this new do...


Liss said...

It looks good. Tough I know it's not what you want but you might find it grows back stronger and healthier.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Ohhh what a cutie! I know you loved her long locks and it broke your heart to have to cut it, but like Liss said it will grow back. In the mean time, lots of cute little clips for the front!
Mine is super short and that is what I do. And please tell her Miss Toni says, she looks beautiful!

Petula said...

It is oh so very cute! I think it turned out very well and stylish. Yea, those casualties can be something to deal with, but I am glad she is home. How is she feeling... maybe I should keep reading. She is adorable! Does she like her new 'do?

Mom said...

She loves her new hair.

She's doing quite well. She's learning how to move herself around using her arms. She even pushes herself in her wheelchair when we're out.

"Lisa" said...

I think the hair is cute. Plus it will be easier to deal with. besides since you have to go through the whole hospital process again it probably is a good idea to cut it now.