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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Play Doh

Today is all about Play Doh. From a very early age, children learn that Play Doh can be a great deal of fun. Parents learn that Play Doh can be messy, but also provides a stretch of time where their child is absolutely happy.

The savvy parent knows that a supply of Play Doh is an absolute must when small children live in the house. Play Doh can be used just about anywhere to distract and entertain a fussy child. Younger children enjoy smashing and rolling the Doh into funny shapes and mixing up the colors to see what happens. Older children can learn how to create sculptures and dry them overnight to keep them forever (or until they get tired of looking at them and decide to throw them away...).

I have actually discovered that the Magic Dough that is sold at our local Dollar Tree store has a better consistency than the actual Play Doh that is sold at Wal-Mart and is much more expensive. The Magic Dough tends to hold together a bit better when they are making something.

Of course, the Magic Dough does dry out quicker. Since Kira and Marisa love to mix up their dough, it isn't an issue around here so buying cheaper works better for me. We rarely keep the stuff for more than two or three rounds of play because it gets mixed up into one big mass of a single color.

If you have older children who want to use the best and know how to keep their colors organized then spring for the real stuff. Otherwise, buy the cheap stuff or make your own. There are tons of recipes available on the Internet for making your own play dough.


Petula said...

The kids like shopping at the dollar store so I guess I'll have to check this out.