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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kira Update Again

We're back home after the second surgery. Kira did so much better this time. We told her ahead of time what she needed to do in order for us to go home, and she did everything as soon as she was able. So we got home today around 2:00 and she is resting much more soundly here, as I'm sure we all will. Hospitals are not fun places to be, even when the staff is absolutely amazing like they are at Scottish Rite here in Atlanta.

I'll have to take some pictures this week of her new cast. Just a hint - it's GREEN - very bright GREEN. I think it might even glow in the dark.


The Mind of a Mom said...

Welcome Home Kira!
I knew you would do well. I can't wait to see your new green cast!

Anonymous said...

Glad that it went so well. Sounds like a nifty cast. Best wishes to Kira for speedy recovery.

April said...

Hi mom

I'm glad to hear that everything went well with Kira's surgery and she is home safe and sound. Give her a hug from me.


Petula said...

I'm glad she is home and I hope she continues to do well. Yea, Scottish Rite is the best. That's where Amber was last year.

Lisa Petrarca said...

Green...that's what my kids chose too! Great pick Kira! Glad everything went well!!