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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Only 3 more weeks...

I've been neglectful to my online friends. I haven't posted too often on either of my blogs. I certainly haven't been visiting anybody else's blogs. I have little time and even less energy these days. Luckily, there is an end in sight. We only have 3 more weeks of this particular ordeal before we move on to the next phase.

Kira gets her cast off on November 17th. This is very exciting. If we're really lucky, she won't require another cast. The doctor said that it does happen on occassion where the hips are not quite secure enough to be completely removed from the cast, but he also says that it is very rare. If she does require a third cast, it will be lower on her chest and only go to her knees on both legs and it will only be for one month. I'm really praying hard that she won't require that third cast. I'm ready to hold her and snuggle her up without that big, bulky piece of fiberglass in my way. She's ready for a bubble bath. I promised her that we would have our very own bubble bath together -WITHOUT Marisa - when she comes home without that cast. She's very excited about that promise.

In the midst of all this Kira chaos, we are also packing up and moving. Moving is not fun even under the best of circumstances. Moving with a mostly immobile 4 yr old is just pure torture (on me). It must be done, though.

Oh yeah - and I have to somehow manage to create a couple of costumes by Friday because Halloween is coming and we must go out as goblins and goulies. Kira has decided that she wants to be a ghost, just like Casper. Marisa will be whatever I manage to scrounge together between now and then.


April said...

I'm glad to hear Kira is doing well and that she won't need another cast. :D Enjoy your bubble bath :D

Frankie said...

I'm a friend of Petula's. She asked me to stop by and check on you guys. She wants you to know that she's thinking about you all and will stop by soon.

Mom said...

Thank you, Frankie - and Pet - for stopping by.

I think it's really awesome that you're checking in on me and having your friends let me know, Pet.

We're doing mostly okay here. Kira has a really bad cold that's making her doubly miserable. I'll be glad when she's feeling better.

Petula said...

Awww, gosh, I am sorry she has a cold. She - and you - did not need that right now. I am praying that she won't have any more casts and that she'll be able to get that bubble bath on the 17th. I wrote it on my calendar so I won't forget. :)

And, what's up with the moving?! I hope you're able to take a moment to rest soon. You have so much going on. TTYS