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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I bet you think I'm going to start talking about the winner and the loser and all the other measures that were under scrutiny in the elections yesterday. You're wrong, of course, but I know that's what you thought.

Today, I do want to talk about elections, but only in a generic form. Having young children, I think it is very important as a parent to teach them what it means to have the right to vote, as well as what the whole process really means. This isn't always easy, especially when the kids are really young.

When I went to vote yesterday, Kira came with me. She was full of questions about voting and why we vote and what it all means. She is only 4 years old, so I had to consider carefully how to approach the topic. After some careful consideration, I explained to her that electing a new president was like choosing new parents for our country. We, as citizens, have the opportunity to choose who we want to be our new "parents" at certain times. She seemed to understand a bit better after that.

She did worry for a moment that she might be getting new parents herself, so I had to explain that "real" parents don't get to be voted in or out. That's a true dictatorship with no options. Hehehe. [insert evil laugh the dictator of my household....not subject to being voted out]


Anonymous said...

I like the comparison between the president and a parent. Good one!

Liss said...

Agreed, I think you explained it really well. I also like the fact you explained she can’t vote you out as her parent.

My daughter always said something that makes me laugh. She will often say “Mum, you are the best mum I have ever had” I respond by saying “You will never have a better mum than me”.

Petula said...

When I told Andre and Amareah (5 and 3) that Barack Obama was voted president they told me they knew already. Their teachers had told them. I told them they could be president one day. They said that's what their teachers had said. The 3 year old continues to ask about "Barack" and the "present" and asks to go and see him. It's interesting how they see this process... from their perspective.