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Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Calendar

Here, in the midst of our very own nightmare, my husband had an absolutely amazing idea. He decided a little over a month ago that 'I' needed to buy miniature chocolate and create a count-down calendar for Kira to mark the days until her cast comes off. Of course I thought this was a wonderful idea, so I trotted off to the store the next day and bought a big ole bag of Hershey's miniatures because that really is the best, you know. I brought my newly purchased candy home and set it on the kitchen counter so he would know that I had bought the candy. Somehow, something got put on top of the candy and there it sat - forgotten.

Well, a few days ago, Randall was looking for something to munch on and I remembered the candy and pulled it out. I figured he would dig right in, but he didn't even eat one little piece. He asked me where the candy came from and when I explained he looked around, found some paper, and got to work.

About a half an hour later he came up for air - and a bite of chocolate - so he could show me his creation. He had written a count down and taped one piece of chocolate above each number. He took this calendar to Kira and let her see what he was up to. He took some time to explain to her that she would get to take one piece of chocolate from the page each day after he came home from work. Kira was absolutely thrilled and now looks forward to the evenings when she gets to have a piece of chocolate from her special calendar.

I have to say, my husband never ceases to amaze me with the ideas that he comes up with when it comes to our kids. He's a really amazing dad. There's just one problem with this idea of his...

He told Kira that she had to be sure to eat her chocolate every day because if she didn't eat it every single day that "I" - the amazing Mommy - would forget (as if) to take her to the hospital to get her cast off. Yes, he told her that I would forget to take her to get that hideous green cast off if she didn't remember to eat her chocolate every single day.



Petula said...

Yes, that was a great idea. And what he said: No, not so great. Gave me a little chuckle though. :D I hope Kira is feeling well and that you are getting some rest.

I have been thinking about you, but always when I am not at the computer. With my memory and everything that is going on I forget half the stuff I needed to do once I sit down in front of my desk. So, finally!, here I am! :)

April said...

What a wonderful and tasty idea.

And I hope she doesn't have nightmares about not getting her cast off cause she forgot to eat a piece of chocolate :P

Givwe her a hug from me :D

The Mind of a Mom said...

Oh Mom
Bless his sole! That was a nice gift for him to give to her. You did get a good one this time even if he says things that are wrong! LoL

Mom said...

He is absolutely wonderful. This little thing is really just a joke between us all and he giggles every time he tells her that.

I'm so lucky.