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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's GONE!!!

We came home this afternoon a bit lighter than when we left. Kira watched with guarded amazement as the technician removed her cast with a saw. She was a bit nervous at first - okay, more than just a bit - but when she realized that it was going to tickle instead of hurt, she just grinned.

I thought it was very interesting how the saw worked and how the tech. used this neat little tool to pop the cast apart. He didn't pull on Kira's legs at all, just used that tool to pop the cast apart and then used some scissors to cut the cotton lining before he even tried to move the cast off of her leg.

Underneath the cast we found a small bit of cookie. I have absolutely NO idea how Kira managed to get a piece of chocolate cookie down in her cast all the way to her knee. What I do know is that she has complained for about a week now about her leg hurting where that piece of cookie just happened to be laying. No wonder she was in pain...

We also found a big batch of dry skin underneath the casts. Both of her legs were raw and scaly from being wrapped up for so long. She was horrified - then fascinated - by all the dry skin. She spent quite some time rubbing her legs and looking at her hands as the skin peeled off.

When we came home I scrubbed the bathtub and then ran a nice, warm bubble bath. Kira and I sat in the bath until the water was too cold to stay in any longer. She thoroughly enjoyed having a proper bath after four and a half months of not getting to be in the tub. She's missed her baths most of all, I think.

The next few days will be difficult for her because she has very little strength in her legs, yet she longs to start walking again. She has to regain the ability to support her own body without the assistance of those casts. I'm sure it will be a quick process for her, but not without pain.

Kira will begin physical therapy in six weeks after her legs have had time to fully heal and adjust to being in the proper position.

We've finished the hardest part of this healing process. Yet it is clear to us all that there is still so much work ahead of us. Kira is very strong and very determined. She already understands that she has to move slowly in order to make progress without hurting herself too much.

Thank you to all of those who have helped us - especially me - through this difficult time.

I want to especially thank my wonderful husband for being so supportive of me during this phase of our lives. Being able to escape for a couple of hours most evenings was an absolute sanity saver for me. I'm so blessed to have you.


CeCe said...

I am so glad to hear that she is getting better!

Thanks for stopping by and leaving helpful hints.

emirie said...

I agree with you, this should be a day for celebration. I hope she get very well soon.

Liss said...

What good news, it must be a relief to know the worst is over and as you said there is still a lot of work but slowly Kira can now become independent once more. It was so nice to her that you sat in the bath till it got cold. I hate cold baths!! But you sat in that water with your girl – to me that is the true meaning of being a mom and what love is all about.

Mom said...

Kira was already able to move her legs better this morning. She can get them close enough together to touch her toes if she bends her feet now. She can also pull both legs up into a bend at the knee position.

Liss - I really really hate cold baths. I was so bored sitting in the tub last night, too. I had hoped she would let me sit beside the tub, but she insisted that I needed to be in the water with her, mostly because she's still very timid about what she can and can't do. But she thoroughly enjoyed herself and is already planning for tonight's bath. I have a feeling that we'll be taking long long long baths for the next few weeks. (I'll be skipping those long baths very soon...)

The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Mom

thank you so much for letting us know! It was good to talk to you today and I do apologize for not calling sooner. I did get your message and was super excited, I just got caught with work! She soon will be running and you are going to be wishing she had that cast back! LoL

Petula said...

I am so extremely happy to hear that the case is off and that she's doing well. You both are such strong ladies! :) Tell Kira I said congratulations and take care. You guys have really been in my thoughts even though I've neglected to come around. I think about you quite often and have been sending good vibes your way. I look forward to updates and pictures soon.

How'd the move go? What else is up? Well, I guess that's enough, huh?