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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday?

I've noticed an interesting phenomenon here in Blog World. It seems that several blogs have a recurring post called Wordless Wednesday. The idea - in its truest form - is an interesting one. However, what I've noticed is that most of these Wordless Wednesday posts are not wordless. The creator of the post almost always adds some sort of explanation of the photograph for the reader to read.

Isn't that kind of opposite of the point of the post?

Shouldn't these Wordless Wednesday posts be left without words so that the reader can consider all the possibilities?

Why title the post Wordless if you're going to add words?

I'm really curious about this. (To those of my friends who do this and add their words...I'm not really complaining. I'm just wondering out loud (in print), so to speak.)


The Mind of a Mom said...

I do it so that people know what my crazy thought was. And because I don't know how to leave a comment on my own blog when I do the post :o)
I'm curious to hear what others say.

Petula said...

I have been thinking the same exact thing! When Wordless Wednesday first started most people kept to being wordless then the words started spreading. I don't usually add words - it's a welcome break not to write something. (My Wordless Wednesday is up now :D) To me, hope no one takes offense, it doesn't make sense to add words. Sometimes I include a title that I hope is interesting, but otherwise I much prefer actual wordless Wednesday!

Lynne Campbell said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...The Cat in the Santa Hat...

About the I have thought about it too. I used to just post the pic and saw that others added a few words.

So I figure it is sorta like watching funniest home videos....with out the commentary it is usually not as funny.

So If I think of something to say with my pic, I do.

But you are

Love your Blog.
Merry Christmas,

Julia said...

Dito, dito, dito. I have yet to do a "wordless Wednesday" exactly due to this fact! Glad I am not the only one seeing the irony in this.