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Monday, December 29, 2008

Meet Chopped Liver

It seems around these parts that there is only one person in the world that matters.


That other person in the house - Daddy - no longer exists. (Well, except for story time...)

Daddy is just not good enough. He doesn't give the right kind of hugs or the right kind of kisses. He doesn't snuggle properly. Frankly, he is not wanted. Just ask anybody around here under 3 feet tall and they will tell you - MOMMY IS THE ONLY ONE!

So, in honor of his newfound rejection, we have named him Chopped Liver. You know what chopped liver is, right? The dish that nobody in their right mind would ever want...

So --- what does a parent do? Do I silently gloat that I'm the golden one and preferred by all the small people? Do I force those small people to give their chopped liver - ahem, father - some much needed attention? Do I pretend that nothing is amiss and realize that the day will come when the roles will reverse?

Hmm...perhaps a combination of the above options would suffice.

Seriously, though, children go through phases where they have a preference of one parent over the other. It's important as a parent to realize that this is not a moment of personal attack. It is just a part of kids being kids.

To chopped liver - just bide your time. One day soon you'll get to be cheesecake again.


WebbieGurl said...

WebbieGurl says...

In my opinion, you alone will have difficulty changing the situation. It must be a joined force and effort from you and "the daddy-chopped liver" here. The little ones only react as how they see things. That means, they cannot control how they feel towards people.... which of course go back to my first theory that you must devise and effective means to change the situation... together!

Mom said...

It changes week to week with them. It isn't that they completely ignore him, it's that they prefer me when I'm home.

I make it a point to be not at home at least an hour or so every other day.

We'll be going out of town for ten days so they won't see daddy for that entire time because he has to stay home and work. When we get home, I have no doubt that I'll be the unfavored one for at least an hour or two.

April said...

I'm still waiting for it to switch I would love it if they called daddy instead of mommy at 6 a.m. on the weekend and ask if its ok to watch Saturday Morning Cartoons instead of always waking me LOL

David Zen-Kennedy said...

Shaunalynn - Thank you again for the comments on If The Walls Could Talk. . . I only saw the one you left on my interview with my worst nightmare yesterday.

This is an insightful posting. . . my wife and I call this being the primary citizen. . . the one who gets called first. Sometimes they want only mom and sometimes they want only dad and sometimes they only want the Xbox. Ah Well.

I am a dad and in high demand these days for the middle of the night hug and kiss that helps our child make it through the night. I also excel at 'shutup and drive the car.'

I like your blog and I thank you for visiting mine.

Mom said...

April - I know exactly what you mean. Seems I'm the favored one far more often than he is.

David - Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad you like my page. I try hard to gear my content to both moms and dads instead of just focusing on the mom's point of view.

ParentingPink said...

Chopped liver - love it! My kids go through phases to when one of us is the favorite - I think it's quite normal. LOL