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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My Poor Berries

I was driving down the road yesterday - headed to the "old house" to collect some mail. We've just recently moved, but I haven't done my mail forwarding forms so we have to go collect the mail every so often. As I was driving down the road by my old house, I realized that much of the roadside was completely clear. Then, I come across the open field of bushes - only there weren't any bushes anymore.

I suddenly realized that somebody (presumably the electric company) has clear-cut my blackberry bushes. They didn't just get the bushes on the sides of the road, either. Those [expletive deleted] people clear cut the entire stretch of bushes that runs out between the trees. Yes, all the way to the other side of the woods, my blackberry bushes were GONE!

Okay - I admit - I was (am) pretty upset by this even though I didn't actually "own" any of those bushes. It just doesn't make any sense. The bushes were in no danger of even beginning to interfere with the power lines. I doubt they will be back in force by next summer. I was really looking forward to taking my two girls blackberry picking next summer. Now, I'll have to either hope to stumble upon more bushes or take them to berry picking farms.

I've never been to a berry picking farm, but I doubt it will be quite the same as picking wild blackberries out in the woods. This is so, so sad...


The Mind of a Mom said...

ohhh Mom, that is so sad!
How did the move go? How is Kira?
How is Angel?
Can't wait to catch-up