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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Note to Self

I have to admit, I'm taking this idea from one of my favorite sites "Me Only Different" (see my Sites to See - it's late and I'm lazy.).

I have a bunch of random thoughts - none of which work for their very own post. So - I'm making a post of my random thoughts and information...just like she did a while back. (Thanks for the idea...)

1) Dead batteries in the camera means you miss that really cute shot (of Marisa - standing up in front of the chair - sound asleep because she slid down to the floor while she was sleeping - and then woke up before Mom could get the batteries replaced...)

2) Quality products are worth the extra expense. (Otherwise, that advent calendar that you were so proud of making will start to fall apart when the glue completely dries because you used the "cheap stuff".)

3) Scrapbooking with children nearby is a recipe for disaster. They will absolutely insist on "helping" - none of which will be helpful in any conceivable way.

4) Marisa will not comprehend the meaning of the word "NO", no matter how hard you try to explain it. (Exception - if Marisa is the one saying "NO," then you can guarantee that she knows EXACTLY what it means.)

5) It's good that your 2 yr. old wants to sleep with her books. It shows that she has a keen grasp of the concept of learning by osmosis. (After all, how many times have you been known to sleep on your text books with the greatest hopes that the information would magically materialize in your brain upon taking that important exam that you meant to study for...)

6) Tired kids sleep well at night. (Unless they fall asleep an hour earlier than bedtime. Then they wake up after two hours, having had a nap and ready to burn the midnight oil.)

7) Pajamas are not suitable for trips to Grandma's house even though Grandma's is only 10 minutes away. Grandma expects that little girls should be fully dressed (including socks and shoes) when visiting. If you fail to dress them properly, be prepared for the consequences. Best just to take time to dress them.

8) If Grandma shows up to collect kids and they are in pajamas, you might just be able to get away with putting tights on under the pajamas and convincing Grandma that they are just wearing "light weight" pants for the sake of layering. (Hey - it actually worked for me today...)

9) Eating out guarantees that my normally ravenous children will not be hungry (until ten minutes after we leave the restaurant...).

10) Bedtime movies should always be educational. It guarantees that little heads will be asleep much faster.

And one final note --- if you suggest that a certain person stays home instead of going out to watch that very important SEC Championship football game --- you can guarantee that loads of work will get done very early in the day just to make sure they get to go watch that game. ( was very productive for unpacking and putting things away - thank you SEC)


The Mind of a Mom said...

Hey Mom

good to see you back and thanks so much for the call :o) ~ it's good to get all the little things out of the way in one post

Liss said...

This was funny.
My kids go to their Nanna's in their pajamas in the morning and when I collect them in he afternoon, you guessed it they are still in their pajamas. LOL