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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Easy Green

Here in Georgia, we've been experience a severe drought. There are watering restrictions throughout the state. Watering the outside plants may not be a high priority right now because of the cold weather. However, trees and bushes still need water during the winter months. There is an easy way to water your plants without violating those watering restrictions. These methods are especially useful in the middle of summer when watering is most important so save the list for future use.

1) All those half empty soda cans that your kids never manage to finish drinking because the drink goes flat --- your plants will LOVE them. The carbonation in those drinks will even provide beneficial nutrients to your plants, especially those acid loving plants.

2) The water that you use to boil pasta and potatoes in can be saved instead of poured down the drain. After the water cools, use it to water your outside plants.

3) Bath water can be used to water indoor and outdoor plants. The soap in the water is not harmful to plants.

4) If showers are your thing, place a bucket in the shower to catch some of that excess water. Use the excess water to water indoor and outdoor plants.

5) If ice cubes jump onto the floor instead of in your glass, there is no need to throw it away. Instead, place the cube on top of your plants. The cube will melt and water your plants.


April said...

Great tips for saving water and your plants. Don't forget about the washing machine. Get the water before it drains to get lots of gray water to use on your plants.

Sherrie said...

I had no idea you were in GA. Whereabouts? We're in Middle GA. Small world!

Mom said...


I'm in Acworth, just north of Atlanta by about 20 minutes or so.


Liss said...

Good tips.

More tips: an egg timer in the shower so you don’t go over 3 minutes and grey water hose from the washing machine so your garden gets the washing water.
We have been in a 10 year drought here in Melbourne. In 2008 our total rainfall for the year was a grand total 1.6 inches.