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Friday, January 16, 2009

Presents From Daddy

Well, this week has been beyond horrible. Randall went to the hospital Wednesday and is still there. Poor Kira is having such a hard time with her Daddy being sick. She even asked me today if he would keep being sick and sick and sick and then die. (Yeah - not a fun question to address...)

I've been staying at the hospital with Randall, leaving the girls with their Grandma Janet. She is so wonderful to take on the task while I am busy at the hospital. I do come home once each day while Randall's mother is with him so I can visit with the girls and shower.

Today when I was leaving the hospital to come home I passed the gift shop. It occurred to me that I could do something to make this whole experience easier for Kira. I stopped in and found two adorable stuffed animals. (A pony for Kira and a penguin for Risa) I brought them home and told each girl that their Daddy had sent their new friends to keep them company while he is at the hospital. I also told them that their Daddy had given each friend a bunch of hugs and kisses for each of his baby girls so that whenever they feel like they needed a hug or kiss from their Daddy that all they had to do is ask their new friend for one of Daddy's hugs or kisses.

Of course, Randall had nothing to do with those little critters, but the girls need not ever know. As far as they are concerned their Daddy sent them hugs and kisses along with new friends to snuggle so they won't miss him quite so much. (I advocate lying to your children under certain circumstances where it may be deemed necessary!)

I hope the next couple of days are easier for Kira than the last two. I did, of course, assure her that her Daddy would not die and would get better soon. He had me scared for a while last night, but today he was better so hopefully the worst is over. And if he makes me out to be a liar on this one...well, he best not. He just best not.


Sherrie said...

Awww...those conversations and questions are always tough. Hope your DH feels better soon! Hang in there!