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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Equate - The Equation Thinking Game

Do you need a good way to get your kids excited about learning Math concepts. Buy the Equate game.

This is an awesome take on the popular Scrabble game, only with numbers instead of letters. Instead of creating words, you create equations. Kids can't help but reinforce their knowledge of mathematical skills when they play this game.

It's a guarantee that children retain far more information when learning is fun. Incorporate this game into your family game night - you DO have a family game night, don't you - and enjoy the benefits of helping your children learn their Math.

Please note - This is not a paid advertisement. I love, love, love this game. Grandma Janet bought this game for me when I told her about how wonderful it would be for helping the girls learn Math as they get older. My teenager groaned when she saw it, of course, thinking I was planning to force her to play that as part of her homeschooling lessons. I never did, though. Hopefully I will be able to start playing this with Kira very soon.


baby samantha ysabelle said...

Hello Mom! Thanks for the link up! And here's hoping you are enjoying the Bahamas!

You've been added on my list too!

take care!

WebbieLady said...

i remembered how i learned... the best thing to input in a child, i think, as an experience being a child (far to be a mom yet) is to put interest... i was so interested in so many things and was so competitive that i was number one in all my batch for straight ten (10) years of education.... the pattern got broken when i entered university and i felt a little tired of getting ahead of everyone all the time... :( But still, i learned a lot.. i am still interested in a lot of things but in a pleasurable way rather than purely competition. ^^