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Friday, January 30, 2009

My Day


Grandson - Visiting! (27 days old - 6 lbs. 5 ozs. - loves to eat, especially a bit of rice cereal off Grandma's finger)

Sleep - Not really!


Daughter (Angel) - Sleeping all night.

Nighttime Feedings - ME!

(This is why I'm such a great mom! I'm letting her sleep while I get up and feed the new grand baby during the night. I remember how exhausting those first few weeks of motherhood can be and what a shock it is to the first-time mother. She was first stunned, and then thrilled, to learn that she had slept a full eight hours last night while I tended to the needs of the little one. Yep, I'm Amazing!)

Dirty Diapers - DAD!

(Son-in-law! My niceness only goes so far, ya know!)

Doctor - Kira! Released to normal activity. Hooray!

Dentist - Kira! She missed the scheduled appointment back in September because of her surgeries. We finally managed to work that into the schedule and get her back on track for her dental health. Luckily, there were no cavities and no real issues with the delayed visit.

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April said...

Thanks sweetie :D The good thing about composting is even if you forget to tend it... It will still get done (just a little slower) Don't you just love how nature works. Good luck on your garden too :D I hope you get lots and lots of good veggies.