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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Pesky Toys

You would think that the toys in my house have a mind of their own. They invade every last inch of floor space and leave little room for walking. The toys, of course, always find their own way out into the realms of our house. I know this because my children would never spread their toys across our home in such a chaotic mess. MY children would only keep their toys nice and neat in their bedroom and always return them when they are finished playing.

In an effort to convince the toys that they must - absolutely MUST - return themselves to their rightful place in the room of the children, I have instituted a trashcan policy. If the toys fail to find their way back to their room where they belong, the Evil Mommy Monster will sweep through the house like a natural disaster and scoop all wayward toys into the waiting black bag of garbage.

It's amazing what happens when this garbage grabbing threat ensues into the world around us. A flurry of activity follows this threat every single time. Toys magically disappear into their proper place without even a hint of assistance from me. It seems that the little toys simply do not relish the thought of being trapped in black plastic for any length of time. Seems those pesky toys have learned that Evil Mommy Monster has, in the past, followed through with her threat to dispose of wayward toys. (Messy Lego incident some ten years or so back...It only took once and the problem was then resolved.)

SIGH - It's so nice to look at an uncluttered floor!


Liss said...

Oh this is such a good trick. It alway amazes me that toys are so easily ragged out of their proper place back have hard time remembering where they belong.

TheXMom said...

Love the trash bag idea, I'm going to try it.

Sherrie said...

I left you some goodies at my blog! Hope you enjoy them!

Petula said...

This technique worked great with my teenager when she was small, but it doesn't work with these children. Anna is totally oblivious to the threat; she could care less. The others cry and do the same thing next time. Maybe when I tried it they were too young to get it... hmmm? Maybe I need to get the Evil Mommy Monster to make an appearance here. :)