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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Information

April, at The Crazy Green Cheapskate, has tagged me. I've seen this tag going around the blogosphere. As part of this tag, I'm supposed to tell you eight random bits of information about me. This takes a great deal of consideration on my part. I'm not really sure what to say. I know that you enjoy reading about me, and I rarely talk about myself. I'm going to try hard to come up with something really interesting to share.

Now here are the RULES for this tag:

1. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
2. People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.
5. For the recipients, leave a comment for the person who tagged you, so they can go and read your answers.


1) I love legal programs. Law and Order, NCIS, CSI, Without a Trace - any of them. I love them all. I decided to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice because I enjoyed those T.V. shows so much. I graduated - FINALLY - in May 2008, with a degree in Criminal Justice with a focus on Forensic and Behavioral Sciences.

2) I've received certification for criminal profiling. Basically, I've taken a selection of seminars and training conferences that expanded on my education. I know how to profile a crime and determine what the investigators missed and what they still need to cover. I've attended seminars with Brent Turvey, one of the well known forensic criminal profilers here in the states. As part of my education, I was required to write an assessment on an existing cold case file in our local area. That class was my most favorite because I really learned so much about the entire investigation process and the mistakes that can cause an entire case to go into a box for the next twenty years.

3) I never wanted to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom. I always thought I would really hate being stuck at home with kids all the time. Imagine my surprise when I learned that I absolutely love being at home with my kids. I'm even pretty good at this whole At-Home-Mom thing.

4) I love pasta. I prefer the cream sauces, but just about any pasta will do. Olive Garden is my favorite restaurant, though I have found quite a few good local restaurants. Antonino's in Cartersvill is one of the greatest locally owned restaurants. The owner - Antonino - is almost always there and mingles with the patrons.

5) Geez this is hard... I don't really like talking about myself. It's not easy. OK! I love camping. Not the kind of camping that happens in an RV, but camping in a tent on the ground in a bit of the wild.

6) I love to write. Oh wait, you knew that already. But did you know that I've always been a writer. I started writing poetry when I was 14. I have a huge notebook filled with handwritten poetry. Some of it is actually decent. Most of it is heartsick teenage crap. There was a time in my life when I wanted to be a journalist. I never seemed able to follow that path, though.

7) I'm the handyman of the house. If it's broken, I'm the one who fixes it (unless it's electricity related).

8) I'm a survivor.


I've followed the rules of the tag and hope you have enjoyed this trip into my private world. Feel free to ask for more information. I'll answer whatever questions you may have.

I am breaking one rule of this tag, though. I'm not going to tag anybody else. Yes, I know, I'm no fun. I just don't have the time and energy to decide who to tag and notify them. I'm just too tired right now. So you'll just have to be satisfied with knowing that I took time to share. It doesn't mean I don't love you, you know. It just means that there are limits to our relationship. (It also means that I'm still stuck at the hospital with Randall - where we've been since last Wednesday - and still have no idea when we might actually get to go home. So I'm tired - very, very tired!)


April said...

Yea Thanks for sharing Shaunalynn :D I love CSI but the others hit to far below my sad meter. I don't do alot of sad. Congrats on the Criminal profiling that has to be so cool :D though I don't think I could do a real crime scene (too much blood and the whole sad factor :P ) I can understand not wanting to do the tag It took me longer than I wanted yesterday :P

Adivah Israel said...

Ok - well I'll tackle 2 posts at once. I love the 8-things post and so much easier than the 16-things I got roped into!
I found you on Entrecard - you dropped, I followed and here I am!
Cool blog - see ya 'round the 'sphere!

Penelope said...

I love law shows, too! NCIS is probably my favorite, though I love 'em all.