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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where Are You From?

You know, I have noticed a sharp increase in visitors and new commenters lately. I've been working hard to increase my reader base by using various means of advertising. I know this has been working based on my Sitemeter numbers.

So, today I want information about you. Tell me what brought you to my world.

How did you find me?

How often do you visit?

Do you have a favorite post?

Is there anything you want to see discussed?

I want to learn more about the people who keep dropping by to visit. Please oblige my curiosity.


Sherrie said...

This is an interesting idea...I may just have to "steal" it. LOL! Now, for my answers...

I found you via Entrecard.

I visit daily pretty much...or try to.

I like all of your posts. :)

Hmmm...whatever you feel like discussing. LOL!

And -- I'm in GA...middle to be exact.

April said...

Hi Shaunalynn
I don't remember how I found you I think I was looking at another blog and you were listed there so I stopped by. Thats how I find most the blogs I like.

I visit every chance I get.

I don't really have a favorite post.
As for topics any old thing will do it's why I visit blogs to learn new things :D

I'm tagging you. The tag rules are on my blog (plus my tag answers if your interested ;) )I don't want to clutter your Comment section with them.

Anto Paul said...

Hello.. Found you through ENTRECARD... Will Keep visiting...

Crista said...

I found you on, where you helped me immensely with some set-ups of my own blog. I visit...every couple of days I guess, and will keep doing so as long as I have a computer!

Gerard & Karen Zemek said...

I found you through one of your ads on someone's blog through Entrecard. I was attracted to the picture on your EC. I visit fairly often.

Mom said...

Thank you all for sharing with me. I really enjoy hearing about my readers.

Em Dy said...

Found you through Entrecard!

Dori said...

I found you through Entrecard :)

Michelle said...

What a great idea for a post. I found you through Entrecard and glad I did. I always enjoy my visits to your place. Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend.

Acadia said...


vanudin said...

good post Idea Mom. I will write the same in my Blog to :)

firstly i found you via Entrecard, but now I'm regularly visiting your Blog.

This Post is my favoritepost :)

Andrea Singer said...

I found you through Entrecard and plan to come back soon!

Melinda-LookWhatMomFound said...

How did you find me?
How often do you visit?
this is my first visit
Do you have a favorite post?
haven't looked around yet
Is there anything you want to see discussed?

Holly said...

Found you via entrecard
You have a great blog, keep up the good work.

Stefan said...

I came by way of your comment on my blog,

Great site, keep it up!

Thanks for stopping by,


vhingF said...

from entre card, almost everyday i you follow and add links to me.sounds nice right?....i will do it now ...hope you do it to me too.

happy monday.

Anonymous said...

How did you find me?

How often do you visit?
First Visit

Do you have a favorite post?
Not yet.

Is there anything you want to see discussed?
Not yet.

Farrah from Wife and Mom of 3 said...

How did you find me? Entrecard

How often do you visit? I'm turning into a stalker

Do you have a favorite post? This one bc I too get to learn about others that have found you

Is there anything you want to see discussed? One day you'll have to do a post on whatever's on the tip of your tongue. No preparation, not thinking, just fact I think now I'll have to do a post like that sometime!

lilyruth said...

Im from Http:// and I found you through EntreCard you droped one on me and I thought it right to return the favor and Im glad I did you have a great site and I hope you will come and be one of my followers. I have become one of yours and listen go and vote for my blog at I need your votes to stay in first place I hope to get a shelter or refuge open, Check it out at but I need donations so Please give if you can or just click on one of the ads. THanks

Janet said...

How I found you: EntreCard

How often I visit: Quite often

Favorite post: Probably this one - this is a grat idea !!

Tina said...

I am Tina at TheZooCrew. I visit regularly from my home computer in South East Michigan. I believe that Entrecard was my catalyst here. I am unable to say what my favorite post is, but I do love visiting and reading here.

Have a splendid birthday!

Jenny said...

I'm here thru Entrecard. Your ad is on my blog right now! I've been here a couple times and just enjoyed looking around.

irel said...

Hello, I found you in my blog:) U left me a message in one of my post. by the way, belated Happy b-day. I hope that your wish will come true:)
Enjoy the rest of the week:)

John said...


I found you on Entrecard. I remember seeing your llama on several threads in the old forums. A few weeks ago I came to check your site out :-)


Rina said...


I saw that you viewed my site so I visited yours. Very interesting! :P

Lisa S said...

You "dropped" in on me and I wanted to meet you!
Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1

Lanie said...

I think you drop in my blog, then I follow your blog by dropping my entrecard, even your not dropping that day I still drop everyone in my inbox, that how I know you here.., nice to met you Shaunalynn, my name is lanie from Massachusetts

Ori said...

How did you find me?

How often do you visit?

Do you have a favorite post?
This is the first that caught my attention :)

Is there anything you want to see discussed?
I don't know yet. But this posting is a good idea. Good luck!!

Kellyology said...



Not yet...we'll see...;)

becca said...

I found you via
You site is cute and I am anxious to look around. I wanted to say hi fist and sign the guest book!


Please visit me at

BURAOT said...

i was just quick-dropping. and i have your site added on my entrecard generator list.

Alex said...

I clicked on your entrecard ad on Southeast to Southwest.

Hicham said...

I'm from Egypt and I found you via Entrecard. Thanks for dropping over my card and welcome to my blog anytime :)

Solomon said...

You left a comment on my blog. :)

I love the video you posted on Thursday 12th Feb. I will link to it presently.

lunaticg said...

found you via entre card.

Crystal Raen said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :-)
I found you from ur comment.
Just once but ur blog looks cool so I'll be back.
Not yet.
I'll let ya know ;-)
And if there's a topic u'd like to see discussed on mine drop me a comment :-)

Nicole said...

i found you on entre card!

OLLIE MCKAY'S ~ A Chic Boutique said...

Same here ~ Found you through the EC drop box on someone's Blog! This is a great idea and should help you with networking??!!

Jolie said...


Believe it or not I have two kids -14 and 17.

To answer your questions:

How did you find me? - Entrecard

How often do you visit? - once a month or so.

Do you have a favorite post? - no.

Is there anything you want to see discussed? - no. I've been a mom for a long time. Now I'm focusing more on my needs, while also taking care of my teens.



Pricilla said...

Hi! I found you in my entrecard in box and this is my first visit.

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm from the Philippines. I appreciate the detailed comment you left on my Aloha Friday question: "Share something rewarding you've done recently?"

Michele said...

I found you by reading another blog, but I guess I could of just gone on Entrecard. LOL
I am from Ohio, USA. Love your blog BTW!

Gina Alfani said...

Hi . . . I found your blog doing Entrecard drops . . . this is my first visit!


rochelle said...

hi! found your blog through another EC member, Normandb - the blogger next door. Ur logo is shown on his widget.
I write posts about parenting too, and other topics like saving, smart shopping,health & beauty, among others. we share the same interests so i drooped by here. You have very nice posts indeed!
Hope to see you on my site too.


Lucero said...

Hi Shaunalynn,

I found you on Entrecard
This is my first visit.
I wouldn't have come to this page if I didn't like your blog :). You are now in my EC favorites so I'll be visiting more often.

On my blogs I also write about parenting and families and I love reading other mommy blogs.