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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Button Bookmarks

This craft idea is so easy that your child might not even need your help.

Grandma Shari loves to read, so Kira decided to make her some new bookmarks. We spent about 30 minutes making this, but only because we made several. Kira was having so much fun making her bookmarks that Marisa insisted on joining us to make a couple of her own.

What you need:

popsicle sticks
buttons and jewels

What you do:

Spread glue on the popsicle stick.

Let your child line the popsicle stick with various buttons and jewels. This is a pretty open project. Your child can use whatever they like to make their bookmarks. Small, flat buttons tend to work best, though.

Lay the decorated popsicle stick on a flat surface and let dry overnight.


Hi! I'm Grace said...

I love crafts, too. I think I will try this.
Enjoy the weekend, Mom. :)

Makoy said...
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GennyAngels said...

I would like to thank you on the correction you made on my post about the quadratic equation,yes there should be negative on B otherwise it wouldnt be -2B on the next equation (second pic posted)....

April said...

Great pics I love the floating Chinese restaurant it's beautiful :D

Mom said...

""April said...

Great pics I love the floating Chinese restaurant it's beautiful :D""

April - what ya talkin' bout honey? Am I confused or is it you? Cause rights about now I've no clue...

Cascia said...

What a great idea! It sounds so simple too. Thank you for sharing.