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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shaunalynn Needs!!!

Well, well, well - I must say that I am terribly disappointed.

I was out visiting today and Toni, at From The Mind of a Mom, had this cool post about what Toni needs. It seems she typed into Google the term "Toni needs" and came up with three really cool things that she needs. She was even able to verify that those were, in fact, things that she needed.

So I decided to go try this new Google game and typed in "Shaunalynn needs".

Guess what I need...

Information No results found for "Shaunalynn needs".

Nothing! According to Google I have no needs at this moment. Boy are they wrong. I need plenty of things.

So I made a tiny adjustment and tried again. This time I used the phrase "Shauna needs" to see what would happen. Here is the first three things in the list of what Google thinks I need.

1) Shauna needs to tell more people how cool this game is.

2) Shauna needs to uncover why Dr. Hipster was murdered.

3) Shauna Needs a Break!

So there you have it - what Google says I need.

Well, this game is pretty cool, though I have no idea who Dr. Hipster is or how he was murdered. I'm sure if I did know how he was murdered that it would be in my own best interest to keep that information to myself. As for the break - I definitely need a break, but this is nothing new. I'm always in need of a break from something.

I hope you enjoyed this little game today. Go play it yourself and let me know so I can come read what you need.


Sherrie said...

LOL! I've played this before, and posted about it. It's always funny. Some of mine weren't so funny though b/c I thought it was referring to someone who named their pet "Sherrie", but in fact, it was a little girl needing adopting. That didn't make it very funny.

Investment Blog said...

the game look so funny to play.


The Mind of a Mom said...

Wha?? what do you mean no needs. that is so wrong!
I know you have needs, wants and coke!!
See Google may not know but I do :o)
Once I start googling and talking to them I will get to the bottom of what went wrong ~ LoL :o)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Oh it's just a game that somebody invented to entertain bored people and it will never have any meaningful connection with one's life. If we want to know what we really need, I suggest we open our Bible and ask God what we really need. There, He will present to us in very simple terms our real needs. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Mom said...


Of course it's just a game. I do believe I stated that in the post.

Being entertained doesn't happen to be against the laws of God.