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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And You Thought You Didn't Win...

Well, it's been more than seven days since I announced my Family Fun winner. I even left a message for her telling her that she was a winner. Still, I've had no word from her accepting her prize. I waited an extra day or two just to be sure, because - well - I know how life can get in the way. But now I feel that I must honor the original rules of the contest and move on to a new winner.

I considered all my options for choosing my new winner. Really, there aren't very many at the moment. Grandma Janet is off running her errands, and Kira has gone with her. Randall is off to work. It's just me and Marisa.

So I wrote down the numbers 1 through 4 on pieces of paper - corresponding with the order of your comments (excluding Mama Snow). I folded the pieces of paper into tiny little squares - just the right size for a 2 year old to pick up.

I kindly explained to Marisa that I need her to choose my winner for me. She really wanted to choose them all, but I told her that we couldn't do that. I told her that it was necessary, at least at first, to only choose one piece of paper from the bowl. So reluctantly she chose just one lucky winner.

Admittedly, after the first winner was chosen I offered her the entire bowl with all the papers in it. She refused and ran off to be occupied by something else. So --- those little pieces of paper were not worthy of her time and attention unless she could choose them all to win. Why is that?

Oh - you want me to tell you who won? I guess you do. The number 4 was written on the paper that Risa pulled from the bowl and dropped to the floor.

So Michaela, you are now the winner of the giveaway. You have 7 days to contact me ( with all the necessary information. I bet you won't disappoint me. I know how much you were hoping you would win this.



Michaela said...

Thank you! I send you an email with my info :)

The Mind of a Mom said...

Congrads Michaela!

April said...

Congrats Michaela :D

Petula said...

Congratulations Michaela... that's cool!