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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Being Random!!!

I spent a great deal of time trying to decide what the best method of choosing a winner of my Family Fun magazine subscription.

I considered, but decided that I just didn't like that method.

I considered letting Kira choose the winner, but she was busy watching a movie.

I thought about letting Marisa choose the winner, but she would choose them all - and I just can't afford to send presents to everybody.

I considered letting Randall choose the winner, but he's not supposed to know about the give-away, so that was out. (Of course, since he reads my site he does know...)

In the end, I wrote everybody's name on a piece of paper - all the same size paper - and folded it up into same size little squares. (Michaela got an extra entry for writing the post on her blog.)

I walked upstairs to my stepmother-in-law's house.

I sat down beside her and handed her the bowl that all the little pieces of paper were hidden in.

Her Toby-monster knocked the bowl out of my hand and made a grab for somebody's name, so I had to save the names that had scattered all over the floor, and I made sure that none of them had disappeared down the Toby's gullet.

After verifying that all five pieces of paper were still there, and shaking them all up again - I handed the bowl to Grandma Janet.

She put the bowl over her head and then drew out a piece of paper, which she handed to me.

I slowly - very slowly, to increase the anticipation of those awaiting word of the winner - opened the paper to see who she had chosen.

I bet you're wondering whose name was on the page that Janet lifted out of my pretty blue bowl. Do you want to know? Really want to know?

Well, okay... I'll tell you.

You didn't win. It wasn't you.

Unless, of course, your name is Snow. Mama Snow, to be exact.

Now that I think of it - it's quite fitting that Mama Snow would be winning this today since today we are getting tons of snow here in Georgia. We rarely ever get snow here, but today it has been snowing off and on all day long.

So - Mama Snow - by order of Janet's most random method of choosing, Mama Snow receives a one year subscription to Family Fun Magazine.

Dearest Ms. Snow, please send me an email with all the appropriate information so that I can order your subscription. My email is

Thank you all for entering my little contest. I hope you've enjoyed this winner announcement.


Liss said...

Congratulatios to the winner.

Petula said...

:)... You're so funny. Congratulations Mama Snow.

Yea, I get a lot of subscriptions. The great thing is that I only pay for one. I've received all of them free. So, I pass them on to friends and recycle. I love magazines and I am addicted, but I really get behind.

Michaela said...

Congrats to the winner!!