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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

February's Top Entrecard Droppers

It is time once again to honor those who take time out of their busy day to stop by and drop a card on my pretty little Entrecard box. This tradition is something that many Entrecard members do as a way of giving a little bit of love - linky love, that is - back to those who visit our own spots frequently.

First on my list is Ari over at Parental Instincts. My favorite post at Parental Instincts is the Curfew for High School Kids post. Negotiating the curfew time for your older children is so important, and Ari has some good tips for how to navigate that particular challenge.

Next we have Patromax. My current favorite over there is How to Make $100 from Adsense in 60 Seconds. It's a hilarious take on how people can easily show you whatever it is they want you to see.

The next dropper is Art Joolree. Ms. Aires Clemente is a jewelry design and crafts hobbyist.I love her article - T-Shirt Trickery - because it has so many wonderful ideas.

Let's see, who's next? Hmmm... Dallas Marketing Services. Kimberli has her own marketing firm out in Dallas. Her site shares plenty of marketing tips to help you get your business (or website) noticed. I love her Friday Free For All posts because they offer information about how to get free stuff. This is a recurring post, too, so you get new free stuff info every week. How great is that?

Moshi and Kibo are also top droppers for the month. These two dogs have lots to say. Yes - the writers of the blog are dogs. They are quite adorable little critters, too. I've yet to figure out how they divvy up the duties, though. They never tell us which one is writing a particular post...

Over at More than Sew So, Judy shares lots of information. Fromt the title, you might expect that her site is all about sewing, but it isn't. My current favorite post on her site is What Have We Learned? The truth of the post is glaring, and quite amusing, all at the same time.

My next top dropper is Paul over at Paul's Health Blog. As the name implies, he focuses on various health issues. My favorite post from him - If they don't get a flu shot, why should you? - You'll just have to go read that one for yourself, but it fits with my own philosophy.

Workpac is my next top dropper. She's been uncertain of her blog's future for a while now. She has this post - Still don't know - that has been sitting there for nearly two months just waiting to be decided. She still visits me almost every day, though, so I think all she needs is a little encouragement. I would love for all my readers to go leave her a comment on that post encouraging her to start writing again.

The professional domestic engineer (I just love that title...) over at My Crazy Life with a Toddler, visits me pretty often, too. I feel that I have a wonderful connection with her because we both have the same job, and we both have toddlers. I bet we would get along wonderfully.

The Cool Dads at Cool Dad Central come by to visit pretty frequently, too. Ryan and Chris work together to keep this awesome site running. My current favorite over there is THIS POST, You'll notice that I failed to give you the title of the post. Well, that was intentional. You really should go visit, though, especially if you were watching lots of TV back in the '80s.

That's the end of my list...

Have a wonderful day and be sure to visit all my wonderful droppers and send them a bit of blogging love.


April said...

Well I couldn't make your top list for last month :D Since I started in the middle of the month and I had a B-day to plan. but I'll be there this month :D

Michelle said...

What a nice way to say thanks. Thanks for all your sweet comments about me. You're right, I bet we would get along great. We've got the hardest job of all. Raising kids. I'm more tired now then when I worked full time. LOL!

On The Verge said...

These are some great blogs. Thanks for your sweet comment the other day. It made me feel special. I am only a little fish in a great big pond. :)


Michele said...

oo a goal to reach for. =)

Petula said...

This just means that I haven't been visiting enough! Aren't droppers great though? I love the way you did this post. I did one today before I visited you, but I wasn't as creative. :)