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Thursday, April 2, 2009

March - Top Entrecard Droppers

It is time once again to honor those who take time out of their busy day to stop by and drop a card on my pretty little Entrecard box. This tradition is something that many Entrecard members do as a way of giving a little bit of love - linky love, that is - back to those who visit our own spots frequently.

I've noticed that my list this month is filled with lots of newness. I love adding new readers and new visitors to my family.

First on my list this month is Buzzing J at Piece of Brick for Piece of Jade. The name alone is what first caught my attention many moons ago. I visit often because what he has to say caught my attention. My favorite post so far is The String No More. This post touched me with the reality that there are many people that we are barely connected to through minor degrees, and yet their lives have the ability to impact our own in significant ways.

Next on the list is West of Mars. Susan is a fictional writer. She uses her blog as her outlet to share what she writes. I really enjoy her writing, but mostly I like her Thursday Thirteen posts. They're fun to read and provide an insight to the author's life.

Ari at Parental Instincts is the next top dropper for the month. I have to say, Ari, I'm patiently waiting for more posts from you. I check in regularly in hopes of new updates. Get cracking!!! Your readers are waiting.

And then there's Davida at Glue 4 Families. Today I'm really enjoying her First of April post. It doesn't matter how many times I read that particular story, I always catch myself quietly giggling along with the little child. I just can't help it.

Aires at Art Joolree is another one of my top droppers for the month. She's a jewelry designer. Most of her posts are jewelry and fashion related. I love visiting her just to see what she might be talking about. Currently she is discussing Hello Kitty.

Merydith over at Whatever Comes to Mind is my next top dropper. As the name implies, she does talk about whatever happens to come to her mind. I love the post with her little one playing with a microphone. It's so adorable.

Scott, from For Your Protection, has been visiting a lot this month, too. His site is filled with practical safety advice and information. I love it. What caught my eye first was the What to Carry as a Concealed Firearm post. He doesn't just give you a gun, he tells you how to choose your gun and what to consider when making your choice. Wow! I never knew it could be such a complicated process.

My dear friend Judy, over at More Then Sew So, is one of my top droppers this month. Her post on tipping is really good. I just enjoy visiting her regularly to find out what she has to say.

David Zen-Kennedy at If the Walls Could Talk - well, what could I possibly say about him. His words touch me and remind me of the places I've been in my life. He did a series of posts this past month - "over near the dictionaries" - that was just very touching.

Willa, over at FickleMinded - A Life That Is Less Ordinary, is the finale of the top droppers list. I have to admit - shamefully - that today is the first time I recall having visited Willa's site. I was unaware that she was visiting me. I may have stopped in to return a drop, but had not yet taken time to explore her world. This sunset picture is breathtaking. Willa, I promise I will do better in April and take time to visit you more frequently. Thank you so much for taking your precious time to visit with me.


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Aww, hey, thanks! I'm going to do more with the new restaurant I created for Thirteening this week, so stay tuned.

Eve's World said...

Really, it is very difficult to be a top droppers...

Buzzing J said...

Thanks for the mention. Much appreciated.

You know where I first spotted you?

Entrecard forum! The old one.

There's one period where I think you're in almost every discussion :)

And I was thinking, this is an interesting character. And I was right!

☆Willa☆ said...

awwww...Thank you so much for the recognition, sorry bec most of the time I only drop and run, although i read a little bit of what you have to say especially if it is about parenting bec i have a kids of my own.
Thanks for the linky love and you are most wlecome!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Shaunalynn.

Davida said...

Thanks for the mention! I laugh at that joke every time I read it too. LOL

BTW, you have some great content here. I'm going to save your link to my roll.


Petula said...

Very cool!

By the way, how did everything turn out with Mindy and the baby?