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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Please Pray

I have a dear friend, Mindy, who is 20 and 1/2 weeks pregnant.

Last year, she gave birth to a son at 21 weeks and lost him an hour and a half after his birth.

Yesterday at her doctor's visit, she learned that she is having problems with this pregnancy and may end up in the hospital before the weekend.

There is concern that her cervix will give out again before the baby boy is ready to be born.

Please, please pray for Michael, Mindy and Baby Micah.

Also, please post on your own blog about this and generate a world wide chain of prayer for my friends. I rarely ask my readers for anything, but today I'm asking...


Babette said...

I will say a prayer for your friend and her baby. I too, believe in the power of prayer.

Andrea said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry to read this. My cousin had a similar situation - she went into labor in Oct. 07 at 24 weeks. They were able to stop it until 26 weeks but her little boy was born premeature and sadly died three days later. She then became pregnant with her second baby less than six months later and everything was going smoothly until 24 weeks again. Then, she went into labor. This time they performed an emergency cerclage (stitched up her cervix) and her baby wasn't born until 39 weeks - a very healthy little girl! I hope they have done the same thing with your friend -- the cerclage has an AMAZING success rate. She will definitely be in my prayers!!!!

Mom said...

Yes, Andrea, they did the cerclage with her several weeks ago because they already knew that there would be a high risk of problems.

It seems the cerclage may not be enough.

We're hoping for a circle of prayer that reaches the entire world. I have regular readers in Australia, Canada, and many of the European countries. That's why I extended this post. I knew that my request would be far reaching and have a powerful response of prayer.

Liss said...

I have tears in my eyes. Your friend has all my prayers.

Petula said...

This is sad to hear. ... I am about to post about this now. The power of prayer works and along with the healthy baby and mommy I am praying that the family has peace through this entire situation.

The Mind of a Mom said...

Oh my prayers are definitely with her!

Sherrie said...

I will say a prayer for Michael, Mindy, and baby Micah. That name is special to me as that's my baby boy's name...just turned a year. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

I have said a prayer. When my son was born, 12 years ago he was very very sick and was transferred via ambulance from our local hospital to a hospital in ny city. Their neo-natal intensive care was the only one able to care for him. My cousin started a prayer circle for him. The babies, some born at 24 weeks were so lovingly cared for at this hospital by the doctors and nurses. . . I hope that Mindy and her baby will be ok.

Davida said...

I know Mindy is really having to rely on her faith right now. I will certainly pray for her and the health of her unborn child.

Has the doctors talked about stitching (or stapling) her cervix? I have a few friends that went through that and it worked well.


Mom said...


They did the stitch some time ago as they expected there would be a need for it after last years loss.

So far things are going okay. Keep praying that it stays that way.