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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mindy Update

Mindy has just been admitted to the hospital. Her water broke.

She is currently right around 24 weeks pregnant. I'm not sure yet if the doctors plan to try to delay the delivery at this point or not. I'm not even sure if that's possible once the water breaks.

Please pray hard that Baby Micah will be safe. They started giving Mindy steroid shots last week to help develop the baby's lungs quicker in preparation for an early delivery so hopefully he is far enough along that he can survive if he is born now. I know this is an iffy stage, but I've also known that many babies do survive when born at the 24 week mark.

Please Please - if you have a blog forum or other outlet - please start posting for prayer requests.

EDIT: They are giving Mindy steroids, strong antibiotics to prevent any infection, and meds to stop the contractions and prevent delivery for as long as possibly safe to do so.

The water breakage is a trickle, not a full blown break, so they can potentially hold off the delivery safely for a few weeks as long as there is no sign of infection for mother or baby.