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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Today I am issuing a Mulligan to myself and my children.

We did not start on a good note this morning. After an hour of Kira having tantrums and the struggle of the wills - which I did win, by the way - I decided that it was a good idea to rewind and start over.

**A mulligan, in a game, happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action. The practice is also sometimes referred to as a "do over."**

So today is officially Mulligan Day at my house.


The Mind of a Mom said...

I hope your fresh start works out better then your first start :o)

Mom said...

Yes, Toni, the Mulligan allowed to me to adjust my mindset so that the day would be better instead of going down hill.

We've actually had a pretty good day with no more tantrums.

I'm still not sure what it is with Kira and her constantly begging me to do things for her - other than she wants the attention. The battle of the wills was enough to show her that I was still in charge, I suppose. But it's always hard to take that route when it's often easier in the short term to just do whatever it is that needs done.

Buzzing J said...

Happy Mulligan Day!


The Mother said...

Mulligans are SO important in parenting. It's not always easy to put frustration and anger aside and say, "Do Over!"