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Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm a guest here

Hi Mom fans, it's very nice to meet you :o)

I scared Mom off her own blog and into the woods... This is where you hear that evil wahahahahahahaha!! There was one thing I did promised Mom and that was I would not use any bad words like ~ #$%#$ or &%^% (teasing) I did say I would share some of my parenting advice with you so here we go.

I present to you Computer Safety done SoccerMom style

Q ~ How safe are your kids on the computer?

A ~ Not as safe as you think, trust me.

Kids are super smart these days and even if you have parent locks and protection programs on the computer they know how to get around these safety programs. And if they don’t know how they can get in they will use a friend's computer and just Google how to break the code. There are tons of helpful to them horrific to you pages out there.

My daughter who is now 15 and I the talk about being safe and the dangers that lurk out there. But I know the reality and until something horrible actually happens to one of our kids or their close friends, our kids really do feel a false sense of security. That’s why in my house we have “The Hands Up Rule”

The rules are pretty basic;

1 ~ No accounts must ever be set-up on any site without my knowledge and when an account is set-up she has made-up information she can use. You can make up any info for you tween/teen and they can use it to set-up things that way they will be less tempted to use their own information or that which would make it easy for a predator to figure out.

2 ~ She must never delete the history or selectively delete the history (you can find out everything they have been into if you check the Cache)

3 ~ She is not to be in the room alone with the computer, and every so often I will take a peek at what she is doing

4 ~ I have every single password and it must not be changed unless I am aware of the change

5 ~ I have access to her MSN chat and I will go through the list and block and delete people she does not know in person

6 ~ And the reason why it is called the hands up rule; At any time I can say “hands-up” she must immediately stop what she is doing and hand me over the lap top so I can see what she is doing

I know my girl is smart, I know she knows how to be safe but, you never know! When kids feel comfortable that will be the time when danger will rear its ugly head!

Do you think I am being too tough on her?

What do you do to protect your kids while they are on the computer?


chubskulit said...

Very well said! Thanks for sharing!

Liss said...

Good advice - I'm surprised (Ha ha just kidding).

There has been a lot of talk about kids and the net here as just recently 4 kids from the same school have committed suicide due to internet bulling.

My girl is only young but she is learning about internet safety at school. Simple thing like never give out your real name or address or age etc.

Mom said...

I love your "hands up" rule. I think that's a great way to keep a close eye on what your teen is doing online.

Luckily, my girls are still too young to be online without my direction.

Petula said...

These are great. When my oldest daughter first started using the Internet I implemented the same rules. I always had passwords and viewed what she's doing. Even now that she's 18 I still peer over her shoulder or ask her what something is. She may be a young adult now, but I am still here to guide and protect her.

Great post... Glad to see you here! :)

Patrice said...

Thanks for sharing those smart ideas. I will use them as a reference wit my kids when they will use the computer at home.

PJ said...

great computer advice! i am going to have to start implementing some of those into my step daughters rules on the computer. thanks for sharing those tips!