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Friday, August 28, 2009

More Cleaning Tips

After writing about my bathtub trick, I decided you might enjoy a few more cleaning tips.

1) Give your little person a pack of diaper wipes. Let her clean the walls, the cabinets, the chairs, and just about anything else she finds that she wants to clean.

2) Give your little one a small broom. They make many of these in child sizes. My girls think sweeping is a special treat. I have no idea why. Sure, they don't get the floor as clean as I would like, but sometimes just a little bit goes a long way.

3) Give your little one a lint roller. Grandma Janet has a big lint roller that is on an extended rod. Kira loves using that thing on the kitchen floor to pick up dog hair and dirt.

4) Swiffer dust wipes are great 'toys' for little ones, too.

5) A pan with soapy water and a couple of washcloths will turn into a floor washing frenzy. Add a dry towel at the end and your floors will be shiny.

Feel free to add your own little tips here, too.


GMIL & TLC said...

thanks for visiting my MB's Tips, Thoughts & Reviews. i wrote it since i'm like that sometimes.

have a nice day! God bless always.

Ma Belle

ezhomebizcentral said...

nice blog.. a lots of good info

GMIL & TLC said...

yes, you r right. i have learned my lessons the hard way. it's my turn now as a pay back time with the hardship of my parents. hehehehe.

Ma Belle

Petula said...

Those are good tips! You're brilliant. My children think that sweeping is a treat too... It's funny. Although I think my middle daughter is starting to catch on.

Melissa said...

My girls used to love little hand brooms and dust pans. They thought the magic erasers were great when they came out too.

They still do chores but now they only get excited about dusters and the swiffer.