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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Geo Trax by Fisher Price

When I went out to get my coupons this morning, I ran into another avid couponing lady. We chatted for a moment and she told me about this cool website called Hip to Save. I had to make a visit to see the site and I couldn't have picked a better time to visit.

Fisher Price is giving away a FREE Geo Trax DVD. They do this periodically when they are releasing a new series, but I never remember to check their site for new freebies. I'm grateful that somebody else out there keeps track of these things for me. I like getting new DVDs for the girls, especially since we don't have any other kind of television here - only whatever I buy (or get for free...) for them to watch.

I ordered my free copy. You can order yours, too, by going to this link.


Petula said...

I ordered this too and we received it, but I don't recall watching it. I think it came after the TV died.

Angela said...

Hey, thanks for this. I love geotrax and my son used to be really into them when he was younger. Lots of fun times.