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Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Band-Aid Bandit

"I am stuck on Band-Aid 'cause Band-Aid's stuck on me."

I've been singing this jingle all day long. See, last night my house was visited by...

The Band-Aid Bandit.
(be sure to listen to the dramatics rolled into that last phrase... You know - camp fire story style...)

We were sitting in the living room, enjoying an evening of cartoons and computer time, when from the bedroom came the unmistakable sound of Band-Aids being RIPPED OPEN. We looked around at each other wondering what might be going on in the other room. Then we noticed...

Somebody was MISSING from our group of four. Our smallest member had disappeared from our midst without even a clue as to WHO or WHAT might have taken her. Where, oh where, could my precious baby be?

Then we heard it again - RRRIIIIPPPP - followed by the ominous sound of low giggling.

We ventured slowly into the bedroom to investigate the noise, (Imagine me hiding behind my big, strong husband here....) and THIS is what we found.

(Okay - the pictures weren't taken IN the bedroom, but work with me here...okay...)


The Band-Aid Bandit had invaded our house and whisked away our little Marisa in order to cover her with Band-Aids. (Thankfully, this particular box of Band-Aids were free with the clever use of coupons... so the cost of this particular was nil.)

Marisa - appearing to be unscathed, but covered in Band-Aids - made a trip upstairs to see Nurse Grandma.

After a thorough examination and x-rays...



... Nurse Grandma declared that Marisa has a clean bill of health and would not need to visit the hospital to deal with any possible injuries that might have been hiding under all those Band-Aids.

Marisa was very pleased with this diagnosis.

Mommy has learned that there is no place that is safe from the

Band-Aid Bandit.


The Mind of a Mom said...

hahahahhahaha oh my gosh is she too cute or what!!
That made me laugh, and to see her precious little face pleased with her band-aid job it classic!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Oh, I'm howling. Truly laugh-out-loud funny.

My kids never did this sort of thing. Until I saw these pictures, was glad. Now... I'm sorta sad.

Becki said...

Too cute!!

christa elyce said...

oh adorable! my daughter does the same!

just wanted to stop by and say Thanks for the compliments on We Are That Family blog post! I had a great time shooting such a wonderful family! I really enjoy your blog post! And you have such a gorgeous blog layout too! You can always check in with my site or blog to see if there are specials on photo session for your family or photography tips if you're an inspiring photographer yourself. Anyways, thanks again for the kind words!


Christa Sherrard

Mom said...

Toni - You know how she is. She was quite happy with herself over this one.

Susan - I'm so glad that we get these little moments to help us laugh. My son never did things like this, either. I do feel like I missed out on something with him. We just have to celebrate each child according to his or her own nature.

Becki - She is definitely too cute. You can only see a glimpse of her personality in that last picture, but she id definitely like that most of the time.

Christa - Thank you so much for stopping by. I visit "We Are That Family" pretty often. She's listed in my Sites to See just so I can find her easily. Your photos were awesome.

StaceyC4 said...

That was cute! How much did she fuss when you had to peel them all off?

Mom said...

Stacy ---

I didn't take them off. Are you kidding me? Nuh uh --- no way... and risk angering the Princess Marisa.

Seriously, I put her in the bath the next day and when she got out of the bath they came right off because they were all wet. It was nothing...

Petula said...

LOL! Band-Aid Bandit indeed... what a cutie. Isn't it funny how they can sneak away like that? Seems like they get stealth mode as soon as you don't want them to. I've almost killed myself after turning around and discovering a toddler lurking quietly behind me.

Liz said...

Hahaha, that's too cute! Your photos brought back a lot of fun memeories with my daughter. Thanks for sharing. Marisa is adorable! :)

blueviolet said...

That is just absolutely adorable! I'm so glad you snapped photos of her!

Lynne said...

That is so darn cute! First I thought the bandit just got her tummy, but I see the legs were also covered!

Grampy said...

What an adorable child. They are a bit mischievous.But I think all children love band aids. My granddaughter seems to always need one. Even if we can't see the injury.
Have Fun

One 2 Day said...

moments to treasure, I am still giggling.

Megan ALS of Nevada said...

What a cute (sorry scary LOL) story!