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Thursday, February 11, 2010

CRCT Test Scores in Georgia Being Questioned

Well, well, well....

Just picture this:

Your job and your rate of pay depends in large part upon the performance of those under your charge. If your 'employees' fail to perform well enough, you get penalized, or rather, you don't get a raise in pay.

What might you do in a situation such as this?

Would you work harder to make sure your 'employees' do a better job?

Would you look for new and innovative ways to increase productivity?

Would you ... ahem ... cheat and lie to make it look as though they are doing better than they really are?


After a year long analysis that was conducted independently by Georgia's testing contractor, CTB/McGraw-Hill, it has been determined that somebody cheated - and it wasn't the students.

(**Lucy, you got some 'splainin to do...** ) 

To read the full article, click HERE.

     "Hundreds of Georgia schools are accused of tampering with student answers on state standardized tests
      last year, officials announced Wednesday, throwing the state’s main achievement measure into turmoil."

     "The Atlanta school district is home to 58 of 191 schools that are likely to undergo formal investigations
       into potential cheating. Another 178 schools probably will see new test security mandates, such as
       stepped-up monitoring during testing."

     "The top five most suspicious schools statewide were in Atlanta. Gideons Elementary, Peyton Forest
      Elementary, F.L. Stanton Elementary and Usher Elementary all had more than 78 percent of classes
      under suspicion. In the district’s Parks Middle School, nearly 90 percent of classrooms are accused
      of falsifying answers."  (**Geez... 90% .... did they think this would go unnoticed?**)


Is anybody really surprised by this?

Disappointed? Sure

Angry? Definitely  (glad my younger kids are home schooled...)

Mortified? **bet those schools are...**

Surprised? Nope... not even a little bit. After all, in order for the teachers and the schools to get money, those test scores have got to be really good. If the students are not able to perform to standard, what else can the teachers do? (**bet they never considered actually becoming decent teachers**)

Wonder how many of those remarkable teachers and administrators will be losing their jobs in the next few weeks?




Petula said...

Oh, BIG SIGH, dear. Nope, not surprised. Geez... will it ever end?

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Thanks for this detailed account.An eye opener for sure.Well i am also not surprised and i totally agree with the reason you've mentioned above for not being surprised.I guess it's just a matter of time before some serious action is taken against them.