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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Incredible Edible Egg

Today's post is brought to you by my recent experience with Facebook and a promotion by The American Egg Board.

As companies often do, this company created a  Facebook Page to promote their product then offered a set number of coupons for fans of the page to receive. (Note to companies: This is never a good idea. Too many people will try to get your coupons, clogging your servers and leaving a trail of angry and frustrated fans. ) Of course, many companies may feel that there is no such thing as bad publicity. After all, even if consumers are talking ill of the company - at least they are still talking.

Well - after reading and participating in several of the discussions going on at the previously mentioned Facebook page, I decided that my topic of choice today would be EGGS. (Pardon me while I sit here and sing the "I Like Eggs" song from The Land Before Time II movie.) Even though I am now convinced that I am immature and that nobody in the world with even the least bit of maturity would even begin to care, I decided I would still write about EGGS today. ("I like EGGS.")  

**I'm going to have to go find that movie now just so I can listen to that song. Otherwise, I will be singing bits and pieces of the song all day and all night.** 

Mind you, The Incredible Edible Eggs could have taken a note or two from the recent debacle that Herbal Essences experienced with their own Facebook promotion. Some time ago, HE offered a coupon for a FREE full sized product if you became a fan of their Facebook Page. It was not pretty. The promotion had to be called off and rescheduled due to the overwhelming response from people who clamored for their own free shampoo. (I got in on that one, too, because my husband and eldest child really love HE shampoos.) 

Well, in my house EGGS are a big staple. The girls love eggs. (Read HERE and HERE to see just how much we love EGGS. 

Right now I am busily boiling a batch of EGGS for the girls (and me) to snack on. Hopefully the extra batch of protein will help put an end to their never ending hunger. EGGS are good for snacking or making a good meal, and relatively inexpensive, too. 

However, with the promotion for a B1G1 coupon that many received and many others did not, I decided to talk about a couple of ways you can get your EGGS and spend less for them while you do it. Below is a list of possibilities that might help you reduce your cost for EGGS

1) Thee are regularly coupons in the paper for Eggland's Best EGGS. Granted, Eggland's Best tends to be more expensive than other brands, but if you combine those coupons with a sale, you can get your EGGS for $1.00 a dozen or less. 

2) Publix regularly has store coupons to get free or discounted EGGS when you buy another product. 

3) As one lovely person on the Facebook Page recommended, you can always go buy a chicken and harvest your own eggs. This option is neither cheep or easy because you generally need more than one chicken and you also need a place to keep them. 

4) If you live anywhere near a chicken house, take the time to talk to the people who work there. If the house is run mostly for harvesting the EGGS, you can often work out an arrangement to get discounted or even free EGGS that won't meet quality standards for selling in the stores. Now, be aware that these EGGS will come straight from the house and will not have been through any cleaning processes. You will have to clean your EGGS yourself. However, you can be guaranteed that these EGGS are incredibly fresh because they have not gone through any of the travel time that store bought EGGS are subjected to. 

5) Or you can register for promotions such as this one, which may or may not run smoothly... to get a really great coupon. 

That being said, there are dozens of amazing recipes all over the place that can be used to create any level of meal that you need to create. My favorite EGGS recipe is Spinach Pickups which are so incredibly easy to make and super yummy. (I was going to link to the recipe, but I haven't posted that one on my recipe site, yet. I'll have to link to it later when I get around to posting it. )

Incidentally, while I was writing this post about EGGS, I received an email via Facebook from The Incredible Edible Eggs promotion project. They contacted me directly - as I'm sure they are working to do with all of those who managed to complete the registration process but did not receive our coupons - via my Facebook page instead of the original email. (Presumably, that email address was lost in translation... or it was just easier to contact me through FB.) I got an apology and a coupon. Yay for The Incredible Edible Egg!


Anonymous said...

I agree; they did this badly (very badly).
I don't like they are now ignoring all their fans.
It's not such a big deal to me, but they could at least follow through with there promises

Anonymous said...

While I liked your post, it took me in directions I did not anticipate. I belong to a social group that loves raising their own chickens. You are correct - not easy or always fun.

I agree the contest sounded like a good idea, but there was no way it was going to end well.

Did no one learn anything from Oprah and KFC? (still waiting for that coupon too!)

Mom said...


My first husband raised chickens. It's a very time consuming job. Messy, noisy, no days off...

Petula said...

Dare I say it? You're an egg-pert. I was able to say that without even cracking a smile!

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