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Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Debbie

We were driving down the road in the middle of the night, passing miles with relative ease. It was just past midnight and we were making good time. The traffic was relatively light. The miles were slipping away with ease as we left our home town behind in search of our Spring Break destination. This trip was the long awaited vacation - just me and Gibson - leaving the babies behind with Daddy and wandering off on our own to our Great Nation's capital of Washington D.C.

It was just us, the trucks, and ...


I have a habit of checking out the side of the trucks as I pass them. It's just a little bit of entertainment that I engage in. We were coming up to pass a truck and I commented that this was the second Little Debbie truck I had seen. My son began chanting "Little Debbie Little Debbie Little Debbie" without actually processing what I had said. As I was nearing the cab of the truck, Gibson looked out his window at the truck we were passing. He was met by a most shocking surprise...


He actually yelped in his teenage boy way as his eyes came face to face with the bigger than life sized image of Little Debbie's head staring directly into his window. The shock of her over sized image staring at him through the darkness nearly gave him a full fledged heart attack. It also gave us a few good giggles for the remainder of our drive.

(See that picture right of Little Debbie. It was a picture similar to this one that was plastered onto the side of the semi truck. At the exact moment that Little Debbie came in direct view of his window, Gibson had chosen to look out his window.)

That was the last Little Debbie truck we saw, but that didn't prevent Gibson from claiming that Little Debbie was stalking us every time we saw a semi coming near.


The Mind of a Mom said...

I hope you two have an amazing holiday! Enjoy, see lots of things, but most of all enjoy each other!

e-commerce solutions said...

Wow..quite an interesting drive.I can understand it can be scary if suddenly in the middle of the night one comes face to face with such a huge image pasted on a truck! you guys will remember this drive for the rest of your life.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.