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Monday, April 12, 2010

Vacation Over

I'm back home now from my trip to D.C. with Gibson. The trip was decent. The opportunity to spend some quality time with Gibson - without distraction - was worth the expense and hassle. I walked away from this trip still feeling as though I'm the last person in the world that Gibson would want to spend time with. However, I made the effort to improve our relationship. I even told him that it was my goal to make our relationship better. Now it has to be up to him to decide if his mother is worth a bit of effort.


I enjoyed the break from the smaller kids. Though I did find myself missing them quite terribly. I had to remind myself regularly that everybody needs a vacation from their job from time to time - even Mothers. The break has recharged my batteries and left me feeling as though I can face the day-to-day again. It was difficult to be away from my girls, but I believe it was worth it.


Blog customization said...

Thanks for the post.Good to hear that it was a fulfilling vacation for you and i really hope your relationship with Gibson has also improved from what it was in the past.Vacations are always a great way to unwind.Look forward to hearing from you soon again.