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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Mystery of the Missing Panties

It was a bright and sunny day. The Mom was traveling to visit her beloved chiropractor for a much needed cracking of the back. The girls were in the car playing and chattering. All was well with the world.

The Mom made her way successfully and swiftly to her destination. She unloaded the girls from the car and entered the chiropractor's office with confidence that the visit would go well.

Indeed, the visit went as expected. All was well with the world.

It came time to leave and Mom instructed the girls to begin their cleaning of the childrens' area that they enjoy so much. It was then that the Mom became aware of a distressing situation. The youngest girl was missing something. The youngest girl - being well known to roll around on the floor without regard to the knowledge that dresses fly upwards when one rolls on the floor - began to roll around on the floor. It was at that very moment that the Mom realized that Risa-Houdini had managed to make something disappear.


Something very important was missing from the littlest girl's wardrobe. Something that she regularly enjoys "losing" at home had been somehow misplaced and the Mom had not realized this to be the case until that very moment when - in the midst of a somewhat crowded waiting room - her youngest child began to roll on the floor, making it very visible to anybody who may have been near that something was, indeed, missing.

Where, Oh Where, were that child's panties?

Lucky for the Mom, she was well prepared for any inconvenience that motherhood might bring with it. There was a spare pair of panties in the car, tucked away with the spare set of clothes for the rare possibility that one of the children might need a change of clothes while away from home.

**I really hope that nobody in the office noticed what the child was missing...**


Buggys said...

Love it! Not one of us has escaped this sort of moment. Thanks for stopping by today!

aldon @ orient lodge said...

When my youngest was a toddler still in diapers, one day my wife noticed that her diaper was missing. When she asked, "Fiona, where is your diaper". Fiona responded, "Meow". To which my wife responded, "Are you telling me that thte cat took it?" Fiona shook her head up and down a lot.

Edward said...

Oh, my! Stories like this make me really appriceate my having a son. Dresses flying up has never been an issue in my family, although missing underwear has on occasion.
You write with such humor, and I enjoy from time to time getting to read about your life and your experiences.

Petula said...

Aaahhhh the missing panties mystery. Unfortunately this has happened to me as well, but - luckily - not in a room full of strangers. That part had me chuckling quite a bit and I could just picture your face and theirs. I think had I been with you you would have left me there 'cause I would be doubled over with laughter.