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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Teenagers and Vacations and WOW

Well, I took my 15 year old on vacation - just me and him. I had hoped we would have a pleasant time exploring the museums in Washington D.C. together. I was wrong. His greatest desire was to sit in our hotel room - glued to his computer.


It's okay, though. I anticipated this scenario. I took my scrapbooking supplies with me so I would have something to entertain myself with just in case he decided that he preferred spending time with his computer instead of exploring museums.

Even though our trip did not go as planned, I feel like we accomplished something important. I gave him a lot of my time and energy without the disruption of small children and daily life. We chatted. We had a pillow fight - sort of. We did whatever it was that Gibson wanted to do.

Mostly I watched a lot of crime TV - which was nice because we don't have TV at home. I made a few cards. I did a bunch of Sudoku puzzles. I occasionally ventured out to forage for foodstuff. On one of my food hunting ventures, I had told Gibson that I was going out to find me some tea from McDonald's. He said he didn't want anything, but when I found the local McDs, I also found a bunch of other fast food establishments. When I returned back to the hotel with a personal pan pizza for Gibson, he actually said "Thank You" instead of the anticipated "I said I didn't want anything." I consider that progress.

I enjoyed the week with Gibson. However, I've determined that I will be going back to D.C. this summer with my husband and the girls. I need to have the full experience of D.C. I need to do that with my husband and younger kids so the experience will be more enjoyable for me. If Gibson wants to join us for that trip, that will be okay. I don't expect he will, though. He complained a lot about the drive. I don't expect he'll want to make that drive again just to sit and play World of Warcraft all day.


Flash website said...

Good to know that you had a good time and that the trip was enjoyable.You also enjoyed watching a wonderful place..please do go and visit the places that you are yet to visit.Look forward to your next set of updates.

sandy said...

Sorry your trip to one of the most interesting and alive place in the whole country was really no different then being at home.

I'm afraid I would have insisted he spend an hour in the morning while I was getting ready on the computer then it would be put away. Paying travel expenses to do what one can do at home for free would not have happened on my dime. Kids really need to do other things, and they really need to understand they don't always get to do what they want, the world really doesn't revolve around them.

After an interesting day out, relax in the hotel room where he could again catch up a bit on the computer.

I do hope you return and spend your day walking and seeing the sites. I've been there multiple times and still don't feel I've seen it all. The cities is sooooooooo electrifying. I would most definitely not invite him on the return trip unless the computer was locked up at home. Then again, at that age I would not leave him alone at home to his devices either.

Good luck

Mom said...


I understand your point of view. However, this trip was 100% about him and what he wanted to do. For the entire week, the world did revolve around him. That was the entire purpose of this trip.

I do plan to return, hopefully in July. If he wants to come, he will be most welcome. If he doesn't want to come, that will be fine, too.

I am really looking forward to going back and spending time in the museums with my girls. I know they will both be impressed and amazed at the things to be seen. They'll also learn so much.

JENIE=) said...

makes me picture my 4 yr old in a few more years...

then again, i hope days will not go that fast, i miss having her as a baby this early stage.