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Monday, April 19, 2010

Play in the Dirt

Spring has Sprung. (finally) The sun is shining. The weather is nice. Outside is the place to be.

Now is the perfect time to plant something. Seeds are not expensive and children love to plant things and watch them grow. You can buy a small planter and a bag of garden soil at the Dollar Tree. (I love that place...) Set up your supplies outside and have some fun.

We did this about three weeks ago. I gave each girl a small planter and a bag of soil. They thoroughly enjoyed the process of digging into the soil and filling up their planters. I had purchased several packs of flower seeds and let each girl pick which flowers they wanted to plant. They each chose several different types of flowers and happily placed the seeds into their soil. Now, three weeks later, each girl anxiously waters their sprouts and watches for new growth. Their planters are filled with little green babies that need careful attention and lots of water. The girls are enjoying their roles as care taker.

Now, for some reason, Marisa's seeds just didn't sprout that well. Kira has about 30 sprouts and poor Marisa ended up with about 10 sprouts. I think she probably buried her seeds a little too deep. One day last week when the girls were in the bath, I crept out to the planters and planted a few more seeds into Marisa's soil so that she will hopefully have some extra sprouts coming up soon. Sometimes it really is okay to be a little bit deceptive when it comes to your children.


The Mind of a Mom said...

Mother Nature sometimes needs help from mom and that is okay! :o)
I hope their plants grow wonderfully for them

Brenda said...

That's funny - I hope their plants grow quickly.

JENIE=) said...

kids loves to plant, mine does! and she reminds me all the time that's it's time to water the plants thought it's just an hour ago that she last did haha! an excuse to go out i guess ;)

hope you'll visit back...and finally link? you've been forever linked!!
life round meNyou

(probably grab the button?)thanks