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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let's Talk About ...

There comes a time in every parent's life when she must face the bitter truth. This time usually comes at the most inopportune moment and without very little warning. For me, the time did have some small warning and I was able to control the exact timing of the moment when "the conversation" actually took place. It was still rather difficult and - ahem - shocking, to say the least.

For about two weeks, Kira has been asking vague questions about certain aspects of human biology. I provided vague answers and noted in my mind that it was time to bring out THE BOOK for her.

THE BOOK, you ask? Which book would that be? There are so many.

Ah - but there is only ONE book that is perfectly suitable for providing answers to those all important biology questions that young children will inevitably ask.

**I would like to make it clear at this point that it is my own personal opinion that the questions children ask should be answered with complete honesty, no matter how difficult this may be for the parent. Telling a child that babies come from storks, cabbage patches, or "magic" is not only bad form but it also makes it more difficult to have open discussions later in your child's life when those discussions will really matter.**

The book I chose for this all important discussion is one that I purchased many years ago when Gibson was only 6 years old and started asking his own set of questions. Mind you, Gibson's set of questions were not nearly as - hmm - specific... or detailed... or difficult. Just like the stretch marks that Kira refused to recycle when I was pregnant with her, she also had to use her very own set of questions. Luckily, THE BOOK works well for all sets of questions.

Right about now you're probably wondering what book I'm talking about. Well - It's So Amazing! 

No, no, no, silly.... That's the name of the book.

It's So Amazing! A book about eggs, sperm, birth, babies, and families. 

I love this book because it is written in a very child friendly and parent friendly format. It talks about many different types of families and gives straight forward, factual information on the creation of babies. It helps that the book is written sort of as a comic strip with a bird and a bee having interesting conversations along the way. There is also a great deal of parental directed humor for the adult's reading pleasure. When I first picked this book up all those years ago, I sat in the middle of the book store and laughed for half an hour as I flipped through the pages reading the comic strips.


For those of you who enjoy a bit of comedy, here's a few of the lovely little questions that Kira asked when I pulled out THE BOOK after we had a few moments to browse the pictures inside.

1) What is sperm and where does it come from? 
          The sperm comes from the Daddy and helps make the baby.

2) How does the Mommy get the sperm?

          The Daddy shares his sperm with the Mommy.

3) How does the Daddy share his sperm with the Mommy?

         The Mommy and Daddy put their bodies close together and that's how the Daddy shares the sperm with the Mommy.

4) blink blink blink - But HOW does the sperm get inside to the Mommy's egg?

           **red faced Mommy** Well, you see these pictures here. The Mommy private parts and the Daddy private parts are made to fit together like a puzzle and that's how the Daddy shares the sperm with the Mommy.

5) Did YOU do that, Mommy? 

          Well, Yeah. How do you think you got here, honey?

6) So if a Mommy and Daddy wanted to have a boy and a girl, they would have to do that twice, right? 

          ** I decided not to go in the mechanics of exactly how many times it might take to actually manage to make a baby. Sometimes it is best to just NOD AND SMILE.**

          Great thinking, Kira. I like how you are using your Math skills to reason out problems.

7) BIG LIGHT BULB OVER KIRA'S HEAD --- I bet they have to take their underwear off to do that! 

          **Nod and smile.**

This was about the time that I ended the conversation with "BEDTIME" ... after TWENTY very long and excruciating minutes of honesty. 


The Mind of a Mom said...

What no cabbage patches??!!!!!!!! Snap, I so need to go talk to my daughter. Actually I have her believing if she has sex before she is 21 she will die. I failed to tell her it would be her father that would kill her but I can fill that detail in later! LoL
I think you did a great job of talking to her, but what made her question in the first place?

Mom said...

Ah - the old death trap story, huh? Let me know how well that works for you...

Thanks, SoccerMom for the kudos on the talk. It was rather interesting.

I can not really say for sure why the questions began. I would have to say that it is most likely the path of the natural curiosity that children are gifted with. It could have been her latest interest of pioneer life and the westward expansion because the topic of having babies on the wagon trails is discussed in some of her movies.

Most likely she decided it was time to see just how much she could embarrass her mother...

Alice Law said...

Hello, dropping by from blog hopping! It's so true that we should be frank and concise to our child when it comes to 'sex'. I personally think it's natural for children to get intrigued in this topic, which I reckon it's a good start to introduce with human anatomy.

I tought my girl anatomy when she was 18mths, she is now present more matured thoughts from her peers.:)

Have a nice day!

Petula said...

Excellent Mom! I've always been honesty and age appropriate with my children. I remember Amber asked one question when she was about 4 or 5; I think the answer surprised her so much it silenced her for a couple of years. LOL... We had already talked a little before then.

My three younger ones (since I have one boy in there) understand the differences between boys and girls, and - if I recall correctly - we talked about it taking a mommy and a daddy to make a baby. I think with having brother/sister their overall curiosity has been distracted... I'm sure just 'cause I said that the three of them will tackle me very son with questions.

I think I posted about the baby in the stomach conversation we had one day in the van and the breast milk one. Ahhhh the joys of parenting.

Logo Design said...

This is a very serious kind of a post from you.Little Kira is definitely older and wiser now.There should be more mommies like you.The book helped your cause further.Such open discussions as you have rightly said should happen..but in a tender and a subtle manner.