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Saturday, May 22, 2010

What About Those Links?

If you come here often, you may have noticed that many of my posts have a link or two conveniently located within the text. I know many blogs have links that are embedded for whatever reason there may be. Sometimes the links are relevant. Sometimes the links are merely pop-up ads. (Those things irritate me more than whiny kids...)

I just thought I might take a moment to make it known that any links that happen to be embedded within the body of my posts are placed there specifically by me to make it easier for readers to navigate throughout the great world wide web. For instance, if I'm talking about a specific museum or entertainment spot, I will place a link to that locale's website. This would make it easier for somebody who is interested in learning more to go and explore the topic.

I did try Pay Per Post for a short while. I think I might have completed 3 or 4 of those before I determined that it just wasn't my sort of thing.

So now you know. You can be certain that any content comes directly from me and any links are placed there for your convenience. If I am reviewing a product by company request, I will specify that within the post. Anything that you see here without a specific note stating that the company asked me to do the review comes directly from my own thoughts and desires to share the information with my readers.


Ecommerce Web Design said...

Thanks for this update.Next time i come across any links placed within the text of your post,i know the purpose of the link now.Pay Per Post is something that is yet to be tried by me.Happy weekend!

Petula said...

Cool to know. If I'm interested in what the person/blogger is writing about I'll normally click regardless of whether it's a paid post or not or whatever.