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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Trust UPS to ship...

...your kids? 

We will be embarking on a family vacation in a few short days (though not nearly short enough). Our driving time will be about 6 hours, maybe 7 hours depending on how often we have to pull over and break up whatever fight has broken loose in the back of the car between the rival siblings. This - I do not look forward to. Both of our girls have discovered the sheer joy and power that comes with being able to annoy the other. Poor Kira is an easy target, too. Marisa - though the youngest - definitely knows exactly how to push Kira's buttons to get the maximum annoyance benefit. With this in mind, Randall and I had a discussion tonight about the best possible way to arrange our car for traveling with relative peace.


We've decided that we will take the girls to the local UPS Store and ask them to ship - same day delivery - to our hotel location. We have determined that if the Georgia Aquarium trusts UPS to ship million dollar fish, then we can certainly trust them to ship our precious darling children safely to our hotel. I bet they wouldn't even need to use any duct tape... (on second thought...)

**Is a Whale Shark a fish? ...a Beluga Whale? Isn't the Beluga a mammal? Hmm - have to go look that one up.**


After we finished joking about all the various ways we could ship our children to our hotel without having to deal with the frustrations of their constant bickering, we did decide that it was probably best if we simply put one of them in the back of our van and one in the middle. Hopefully by keeping them separated in the car we will be able to minimize the bickering that goes on between them. 

We also decided that we really need to convince at least one of the Grandmas to take one of the girls for a couple of days before we leave. Maybe if they have been away from each other for a day or two they will be less likely to bicker so much. (maybe?) Ideally, for us parents, we will be able to convince one Grandma to take one girl and the other Grandma to take the other girl - leaving us kid free for a day or two before we leave on our vacation. Wouldn't that be an awesome idea. Now I just have to manipulate (ahem - convince) the Grandmas into believing that this genius plan was all their idea....


The Mind of a Mom said...

I hope you have an amazing holiday! I like your idea of having them separate for a few days that way they will miss each other. Have a safe trip!!

e-commerce solutions said...

Thanks for the post.Interesting one.If you are able to convince the grandmas then nothing like it.I hope it works out.Or else you have to think of a backup plan if you want a peaceful vacation.Keep me updated.