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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tea Party

Sadly, my days are numbered. May 1st approaches and no matter how hard I try, nothing seems to slow the ticking of the clock. It is a sad time for me. My youngest child - my last baby - is growing up. She refuses to heed my request to stay little. She refuses to skip this birthday, though I did try to convince her that she did not actually NEED to be four years old. She refuses... Time refuses...

As is the way of our world, I asked her a few weeks ago what kind of birthday party she wanted. She quickly and promptly replied that she wanted a tea party. (A little girl tea party - NOT a political Tea Party - much to the dismay of her uncle who was thrilled **at first** to hear that we were hosting a tea party at his house.) So a tea party she shall have...

Even though I am terribly heart broken over this pending milestone, I went about the task of planning a tea party to fit a princess. (Have no doubt, she IS a princess. Just ask her...) I arranged the location. I determined who was to be invited. I even managed to order the cake. All is well with the world... (well, as well as it can be when one's last baby insists on growing up way too fast)

So - do you want to see the cake I ordered? I know you do. It's an absolutely gorgeous cake. I did make a minor change from the picture, opting for white icing instead of the yellow. I also opted for chocolate cake - or rather, the birthday girl insisted that her cake must be chocolate. Since I know you're just dying to see...

Isn't this just the most beautiful cake you've ever seen for a tea party? 

To make the party perfect, we will be providing cute spring hats and cute flower necklaces for dressing up. (Yeah - so the hats are Easter Hats from the Dollar Tree and the necklaces are leis from the Dollar Tree Luau stuff - they won't notice or care...) Marisa, of course, gets the pink sparkly necklace that is different from everybody else. She picked the cream colored hats and I will be doctoring hers up a bit, properly decorated for a special birthday girl. I let her pick out plates, too. She seems to be having a blast with the whole planning of her party.

Randall insisted that we needed to do party favors. I'm not sure why, because we never did party favors for any of the earlier parties. However, I didn't resist too much. Marisa and Kira had fun picking out the favors to put in the goody bags. I'll probably have them help me fill the bags, too. After all, it isn't MY birthday party... and I'm sure they'll thoroughly enjoy playing with all the goodies before putting them in the bags.

I haven't planned much in the way of activities other than eating and having tea. I hope to have a nail polish station where everybody can get their nails done. I haven't really gone into the details for that. I see no need to rush into anything...

Now - can anybody tell me how to make the days slow down?


website design company said...

Wow!! what a party.Would love to attend such a birthday party where so much care is taken to entertain the guests in the best possible way.The cake is indeed very gorgeous.Nail polish station also sounds cool.It would be really nice if you posted some pictures of the birthday party in your next post.

Nica said...

Love the cake!

A tea party sounds lovely!

The Mind of a Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your baby! uhmmmm big girl! :o)

April said...

Hey I want some cake too :P

It looks extra yummy

RaesMom said...

I don't know where the time is going. My four-year-old is growing up so fast, too. She did tell me the other day that she wanted to stay a kid forever and I told her that was fine by me! LOL

Tina said...

awww i hope she had a lovely tea party. the cake looks nice.

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