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Monday, July 5, 2010


I've read, many times, that you should spend "quality" time with your children. I've also read, far fewer times, that it is the quantity that matters even more.

I put in my vote for quantity.

It is easy for us as adults to get discouraged about doing things with our children - especially the very young. We sometime feel that we have to do "big" things and have adventures: Go to the amusement park, go camping, big shopping trips and spending lots of money.

Not necessary, not even a little bit.

Sure, you want to have big adventures with your kids sometimes, but what they will really remember about you is if you were there every day for all of their little adventures - did you see her when she caught her first lightning bug? How about when she found that beautiful leaf? Or when he rescued the little bug?

Just today, I was planning on a big "daddy date" for Marisa and things went wrong. I lost my wallet, which meant no cash, no driver license, and no credit cards - which in turn meant no special lunch out, no gas for the car and no trip to the mall to the big play place. So, instead, I made PB&J sandwiches and went to the dollar store. We spent a total of $4 on toys that she picked out: Bubbles, plastic maracas, a small rubber ball and a scratch off glitter sheet that she could draw on. For the last two hours we have played with these toys in the driveway and the living room. She has giggled and laughed and had the best time doing what, to us big people, is so very minor and little.

Spend lots of time with your kids and don't worry so much about if you are doing the big stuff. Just make sure that they grow up remembering that you were always there for them.


livingthelifeofmagoo said...

Some of the best times my daughter and myself have are simple times. Like on New Years eve we popped pop corn and then climbed into bed and watched Phantom of the Opera. She was about 4 when we did this the first time and she always remembers it.

Content Writing said...

Thanks for the post.I think all parents have a thing or two to learn from whatever you have stated over here.Doing small stuffs with children can also bring a lot of joy.Time with children can be used in a lot of constructive ways.

Carol said...

I really liked the post and I think everybody of us should learn something from your post and even I think people should spend their quantity time with children so that they never feel lonely in life..