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Friday, July 9, 2010

Dieting to die for

Here is a note that I needed to send to one of the 16yr old girls that plays for the team I coach.

Dear Xxxxxxx

If you come to the field again like two weeks again where you had taken caffeine pills and not eaten all day.
Or last week where you collapsed and then sat huddled in pure pain because you only had cabbage soup for three days.
Or last night where you showed up and your eyes were flickering because your body needed nutrition because you had not eating at all. And then threw up because of heat exhaustion.
I will not put you on the field, just like I did not do last night.

And I don't care what your mom or dad say.
If there is a problem they can take it up with me or the club.

It is dangerous for you and I will not take the risk or assume the liability

You must eat sensibly and healthy.
I understand you want to lose weight but starving yourself is not the way to do it.
It is dangerous and you will do a lot of damage to your vital organs.

There was more to the message but that is the just of what I said to her. The hard part about this is the dad knew this was going on and was angry with me that I would not play his daughter.

I really thought that girls were starting to be okay with their bodies and body image but apparently not. I know my daughter is very balanced and knows this is not acceptable as a matter of fact she gasped when she read what this girl was trying.

Do you know anyone in danger? Would you stand up like I did?


Web Design Solutions said...

You absolutely did the right thing.Starving is just not acceptable..more so she is a player.Like this not only is she putting herself in danger but also you and the others who play along with her.It is too big a risk for you,the teammates and the club to take.

Tina said...

I struggled with anorexia as a teen, and my mom stood up to me. It was the right thing. I have a daughter that really did a number on her body with the same type of issues, and I stood up to her. It was the right thing.

You most certainly did the right thing. What a crime those parents have committed against their own daughter for not standing up to her. Thank God she had you!

JACQ said...

You definitely did the right thing. The father should be ashamed for backing up his daughter like that, and not thinking of her health. I gasped at your letter, same expression as your daughter. It's definitely not the right way to lose weight.

Carol said...

I think you definitely did the right thing.Starving is not the right way to lose weight and even she plays a lot so I think there might be a gastric problem anytime when people don't eat anything for a long time. So everyone of us should eat healthy so that energy remains every time in our body and we are fit to do any kind of work...

Suzanne said...

Thanks for the post. I think you are very much right. Starving is not the only option to lose weight. In fact sometimes starving leads to serious health problems. Also, she is a player so she should eat healthy and nutritious food b'coz as it is she is doing a lot of exercise.